Friend's Sting: When a Friend Betrays You

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When a friend betrays you, it hurts.

First, there's the denial stage where you are like, ' no, it can't be them, they can't do this to me'. And you don't want to ever accept the fact that they stabbed you in the back and removed the knife so fast, you'd bleed to death.

Then there's the realization stage where you discover that it all happened right under your nose but you were too nice to see. You thought they did it all for you but the fact is, they did it to you.

Then the pain. It hurts to know that you valued a person who didn't think twice when doing you wrong. And you keep on asking yourself where you went wrong. 'Was I not nice enough or was I too nice?' 

Soon you hit the anger are mad, so mad. Mad that they took advantage of your kindness. Mad that they never valued you like you did them. Mad that they hurt you and mad at yourself because you let them.

And slowly, you become bitter and will never be that person again. You want nothing to do with them or anyone associated with them...only revenge. You'd do anything to make them feel how you feel inside, anything to break them like they broke you.

Time happens, you forgive and move on...but you're damaged. It's already done, you're so broken that you can't do friendships any more; so broken that every time you get a friend, you end up destroying everything because you don't know right from wrong, you don't know if they'll stab you in the front this time. You question your every move and it all goes back to the one friend that broke you...

They broke you bad...and it hurts.

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