The Power of Waiting

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Someone once told me that I’m desperate for life; I didn’t know what that meant, but maybe I was.  I looked around me, everybody seemed to have everything I wanted; money, jobs, cars, big houses, prestigious friends, weekend plans… I was just there, stuck in the red light not knowing whether to move forward, backwards or just drill a hole and disappear. I mean, I went to church every Sunday, I gave my tithe on time and I never failed to covenant myself with God for that deepest desire of my heart. I prayed every night and in fact, I woke up at three in the morning to pray because that’s the time when heavens are open to receive and answer prayers…

I was desperate.

I was doing all the right things with all the faith in me but when I woke up the next day, nothing had changed; I was still single when all my friends spent their nights cozy in someone’s arms. My situation was always the same; at times even worse. So, I changed my prayers. I started calling God selfish and deaf and at one time, I thought that he was dead. I threw my bible far, far away where I could never see it; Psalms 37 is a lie, I thought, the whole Bible is a lie.

When God finally decided to answer me, I felt like it had taken him forever. He didn’t even answer my initial prayer, he answered my question as to why he is selfish and deaf. He is not, he just does his work in order, in his own time at his own pace. That is when I came to understand the power of waiting upon the lord.

God is neither selfish nor deaf nor dead; he just wants us to put our trust in him and wait. To wait upon the lord means to expect something from God in hope and faith. God said that we should pray without ceasing because it is in asking that we receive and again in Psalms 37:7, he asks us to be patient and wait for him to act. Why does the lord make us wait?


Why God makes us wait…

At times God gives us time to think clearly about what we are praying for; whether we need it for the right reasons and how it’s going to affect those around us. God makes us wait so that we can go through our desires and realize what exactly we are asking for; at times, the motives are wrong and we need to correct ourselves for God to answer us.

Other times, God wants us to master the virtue of patience. We might be praying for smaller things in life but a time will come when we need even greater things that take time. If we can’t be patient for the smaller things, we certainly can’t be patient for the greater ones.

Most of the time, we pray for things yet don’t understand their value. We could be praying for things that are pure vanity; cars, money, wealth, power… these things come and go. God wants us to learn how to treasure the things he provides us with. By waiting, we hope and hope and at last when God answers us, we tend to cherish what he has given us because we had waited for it too long.

What I later came to learn is that even when we have lost faith in God, there is still that tiny beam of hope in our hearts. This beam drives us every day, makes us wake up every morning and observe ourselves with that feeling of what if. What if God has finally answered me today? What if it’s time for my miracle? This is called; dependence on God. By making us wait, God wants us to build a relationship with him, to depend on him; that tiny hope connects us to God and makes us rely on him, for when at last the prayers are answered, we’ll still believe in him for more.


What to do while waiting upon God…

If God loved us so much enough to give up his own son for us, what can’t he give us? Nothing is impossible with God. While waiting for him to answer our cries, we should put our trust in his word but at the same time, be prepared for unexpected answers. Waiting upon the lord means sacrificing some vices in our lives such as pride and exercising humility. God might answer our prayers but at an angle we never saw, it is not a guarantee that he will give us exactly what we want; we should always be prepared for anything.

We should refrain from anger and frustration. Yes, God has heard our prayers and is taking time to answer, all we need is patience. We need to trust in God for he knows what’s best for us. At times we think we know ourselves and what will make us happy and tend to tell God what we want, he knows what we need and gives what’s sufficient for us not what we want.

We should be strong in prayers while waiting upon God. We have already raised our needs to him so what’s left is living in him. We should pray to God in thanks giving (Philippians 4:6). As we wait upon him, we should also look at the good he has done in our lives and thank him, this will give us the will to continue waiting for his time.


When God finally answers…

You will realize the faithfulness of God when he finally answers your prayer. In Matthew 7:9, a father cannot give his son a stone when he prayed for bread; God cannot give us what we never prayed for; he gives the best of the best. Abraham waited upon God for a son and instead of just one son, he was made the father of many nations. Job waited upon God even while suffering loss after loss with many people encouraging him to quit; God blessed him with double the wealth he had lost. When we wait upon God, he gives us more than our desire and even better than we desired.

Purity is something that is highly valued. In (1 Corinthians 6: 18-20), God reminds us that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. One should avoid sexual sin as it is immorality against one’s body. This is where one is encouraged to love themselves and avoid jumping from one relationship to another and engaging in lustful behaviors that destroy their dignity. A woman was created out of a man’s rib. When the right time comes, the two will meet and become on.

At times we feel like we wait so long to meet our better halves and this leads to the insecurities and the immoral behaviors. When we put out trust in God and wait for the right time, the impossible becomes possible. This is where interracial marriages come in where people separated by the sea find each other. In Isaiah 34:16, God says that no one will luck a mate and that he himself will bring them together. So there’s no need for one to use their body as a means to attract a mate, when the right time comes, God will do his will.

Nothing is impossible with God; all we have to do is believe and wait. Be patient in God for a job; if he has seen you though school, he’ll definitely see to it that you get one. Wait for that chance that you have always longed for, wait for that healing that you have prayed for, for that fullness that you yearn for… wait, wait, wait upon God for there is power in waiting



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