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It’s the only thing they can’t take away

You will always shine from miles away

It’ll be ok for a while

Just smile


They will never know that you’re broke

Never be glad your heart they broke

Enough is enough

Wear your laugh

And they’ll be watching every step you take

Counting every mistake you make

Delighted in your failure

The more the merrier

But will you let them?

Are they free to play you like a game?

You are better than this?

Bull shit!

You are different

Different is beautiful

Beautiful is unique

And honey, you are who you are

So who cares if you’re not the best?

Is it your best?

Does it make you happy?

Is it stupid?

Then stupid is good

I am stupid and I love it

Are you?

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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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