10 Travel Fears and Phobias: How to Overcome Them

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Have you ever been anxious when traveling? You are not alone. According to recent research finding up to 20 million travelers suffer from some form of phobia, and many more are uneasy with certain aspects of travel from airplanes to the teeming crowds. Travel does require one to leave their comfort zone and face the unknown bravely. 

Fear is the leading cause of doubt, dissatisfaction, and disbelief.  Are you ready to overcome your fears? Here are ten travel phobias and how you can overcome them.

10. Fear of Getting Lost

Some people love getting lost, especially when they are exploring new and exciting destinations. However, others get chills when they even think about leaving their hotel rooms. This type of fear does put limitations in our minds, and we end up freezing and not wanting to explore.

However, with the help of a GPS, maps, planning, and a good mood, anyone can solve their fear.

Ensure that the route you are using is written in your first language, so you to understand it well. Always ensure that the GPS device is preset for the country you will be visiting. In case these do not help, you can consider seeking help from the locals.

At times getting lost will help enhance your vacation experience.

9. Fear of Not Being Able to Afford it

This fear is connected with inner distress and disturbances, which might come from something in the past. You can quickly convince yourself that you cannot afford the trip, reasoning "It's damn expensive!"

Although traveling to another continent can be expensive, you should always prepare well and carry out extensive research which will help you save lots of money and anxiety. Knowing the things to choose, type of foods to go for, accommodations, and transportation can alleviate a lot of distress.  Start saving money for your travel. It does not matter how long it takes you.

8. Fear of Getting Robbed

There has been an increase in robberies and scams, especially to tourists.  You never know when you can be a victim and quickly find yourself without your credit card or wallet. However, this nightmare will only get worse when you think about it for long.

Although this fear is a valid concern, you can always lower it by being alert and careful. Ensure that you are well informed about the place you will be visiting and consider leaving some most of your valuables at home.

7. Fear of Traveling Alone

For people who have previously traveled alone, this type of traveling can be exciting. Although there are people who are always frightened when it comes to traveling alone, you need not fear if you think about the freedom that it will bring.

You can solve this type of fear by trying to convince your best friends to accompany you, if possible.  With technological advancements, your best friend can always keep you company via Snapchat, Skype, and other applications.

6. Fear of Getting Injured or Sick When Abroad

There are chances you will be traveling to some exotic destinations where you will be riding on elephants or even dancing all night. However, there are chances that you will, at times, fall, get hurt, or become sick. It is even more stressful when you consider the language barrier.

However, this fear is irrational since there is a slim chance that you will get injured or fall seriously sick.  You need to remember there are doctors and medical stall all over the globe. You should also consider taking out travel medical insurance, which will help cover medical costs in the country you will be visiting.

5. Fear of Having a Bad Experience

Your brain can make you start thinking of many things that can occur when you travel. No doubt the place you will be visiting is great; that's why you picked it. However, you can potentially get robbed, attacked, or someone can approach you in an unfamiliar way.  

This fear is mainly based on overthinking. When you overthink, you rarely see the good things that can take place since your mind is preoccupied with the bad stuff. The best thing to do is calm down and stop thinking about bad things or thoughts.

4. Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is completely irrational, and this fear has given birth to a medically defined phobia: aviophobia or aerophobia. If you have a fear of flying, you can deal with it by preparing well and thinking logically.  In today’s world, there is a minimal chance of an airplane crashing.  Technology is quickly advancing with new and advanced security measures being put into place. You can also consider taking the sleeping pills half an hour before the flight in case you can't overcome this fear.

3. Language Barrier

Whenever you are overwhelmed by worries in your mind,  problems and questions will always start to emerge. Language barriers will always come first and will help increase tension and boost unpleasantness.

Failing to be understood in foreign countries where very few people speak and understand your first language can potentially lead to unpleasant situations.

Overcoming this fear will depend on your level of preparation. If you are going to another continent, ensure you are well prepared. This will involve trying to learn some few basic sentences which can help you in a tight situation.  Knowing a few basic sentences can help you avoid many complications.

2. Fear of Unknown

Fear of the unknown will always come as a supplement of those mentioned above. Doubt and anxiety do act as tension boosters. It is possible to have several fearful questions in mind. Whenever you are preparing for your trip, you should do smart and thorough research concerning the destination of choice. There over one million sites on traveling that can be of great help to you.  It is also essential that you come up with an itinerary of the best places of interest, things to avoid, and where you can get the best food.

You can overcome the fear of the unknown by aquiring knowledge. Preparing well will enable you to avoid getting anxious about your trip.

1. Fear of Getting out of the Comfort Zone

Some people will always lament over some destination, thinking about how lovely it would be to get out there. In life, you have errands to run, housework, a 9-5 job, and kids to look after; hence, sometimes you are afraid of what might happen when you are not around. You will have a second thought.

You can overcome this fear by telling yourself what would be the worst-case scenarios. You can then think about what you will do to help you overcome them. Ensure you note all the worst scenarios together with the solution on a paper. Go through it several times. Remember, always focus on the positive effects of traveling to your favorite destination.

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10 Travel Fears and Phobias: How to Overcome Them

Have you ever been anxious when traveling? You are not alone. According to recent research finding up to 20 million travelers suffer from some form of phobia, and many more are uneasy with certain aspects of travel from airplanes to the teeming crowds. Travel does require one to leave their comfort Read More