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Legislation About Yosemite

In the year 1864, Congress passed the following act:--  ACT OF JUNE 30, 1864 (13 STAT., 325).  An Act Authorizing a grant to the State of California of the "Yo-Semite Valley," and of the land embracing the "Mariposa Big Tree Grove." "Be it enacted by t Read More

Luxembourg to Paris: A Winter Adventure and Road Tour

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
It was winter: one of the coldest winters of the decade. The frost was powdered all over Europe, yet the Netherlands suffered from the harshest winter that year. In spite of the freeze, our travel plan was there waiting to be realized. The touring draft was sketched accordingly: from Wageni Read More

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Facts, Travel and Points of Interest

Written by Kanchana Rao
In the European continent sits this quaint city of Amsterdam that welcomes travelers with its umpteen canals, cobbled streets, narrow, gabled houses and charming trams. Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands and does the country proud with its rich heritage, famous artists, and eco-friendly transpo Read More

Grindelwald, Switzerland: The Best and Most Beautiful Place in Europe

Written by Mark Pringle
Where does one start when describing, quite possibly, the most beautiful place in all of Europe? Do I begin with the luxurious chalets that charmingly clutch verdant mountain slopes? Maybe I should start with a multitude of activities which create an exciting and enjoyable setting. Possibly the Read More

Nazaré: The Silver Coast's Popular Seaside Destination

The waves are dotted with surfers trying their luck here. Azure skies meet turquoise water, water that dips low before stretching up, taller than skyscrapers: the tallest waves in the world. It’s a surfer’s dream. From the soft sands of the shoreline, onlookers watch the spectacle with b Read More

5 Fun Things to Do While in Langkawi

Written by Anaanya Dagar
Langkawi, famously known as the Jewel of Kedah, is a district in Malaysia made up on 99 islands. That’s right; the entire region is made up of islands. So, what will you see when you go to Langkawi? You will experience turquoise blue water, white sand beaches, locals and tourists roaming aroun Read More
Are You a Super Traveler? What is a Super Traveler?
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5 Emerging Ways Millennials Influence Travel
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Fiordland National Park: A Beautiful and Majestic Place to Explore (Video)
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Navratangarh: Treasure of History Lies Unattended
My Extreme Vacation in Porto, Portugal
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Zagreb, Croatia: Things to Do, Getting Around, Nightlife, & More
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Super Starry Feel in China: My Truly Chinese Experience
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Lake Tahoe Beauty and Fun from Summer to Winter
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The Untold History and Love Story of the Taj Mahal
by saptami
The Birds of Yosemite
by Travel & Daily Life Staff
Yerevan, Armenia's Capital and Gracious Mount Aragats
by Lilit Mkrtchyan
Alcobaça: The Heart of the Portuguese Culture
by Travel & Daily Life Staff
Shanghai, China: Facts, Travel and Points of Interest
by Kanchana Rao
Tips and Tricks to Learning European Portuguese
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5 Memorable Travel Experiences in Japan
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St. Stephen's Cathedral: The Resplendent Baroque Church of Passau
by Travel & Daily Life Staff
Glacier National Park
by Travel & Daily Life Staff
How Malaysia Melted My Heart: Discovering Malaysia
by Lilit Mkrtchyan
Copenhagen Denmark's Points of Interest and Urban Experience
by Travel & Daily Life Staff

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