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The Real Streets of Venice: Queen of the Adriatic

Written by Mark Pringle
It was Venice, the City of Canals and the Queen of the Adriatic, in a nutshell. It was a simple image I remember photographing out of our hotel room window. See, this was the end of a long and frenzied 10-day trip to Italy that encompassed the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, and now Venice. Since this Read More

Ranking the World's 20 Best Beaches (Amazing Photos)

Written by Kanchana Rao
How do you decide the world's best among beaches? At the outset, all the beaches appear the same, but die-hard beach fans beg to differ. With the infinite number of seas and oceans, our beautiful planet is blessed with, it is only natural that the topography of each beach provides a unique and d Read More

Kenya Travel: Best National Parks, Reserves, and Safaris

Written by Collins Obara
Incredible wildlife in their natural habitat and beautiful landscapes are but a few of the top attractions in Kenya's best national parks, reserves, and safaris. In this country on the east coast of Africa and the tropical Indian Ocean, there are countless things to experience; from go Read More

My Visit to Enchanted Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
Today the air in Lecco is so light, with a fragrant scent of lakeside Alps. The rainbow comes alive after a gentle rain… The sun is shining, illuminating my thoughtful face, generating a tender smile in my eyes. I am sitting in a café admiring the view to the Lake Como. A slice of Read More

Niagara Falls Facts, Fun Things to Do, and History

Written by Collins Obara
The Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is among the top natural wonders in the world with three spectacular waterfalls; Bridal Veil, American Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls. The 56-kilometer spectacle of nature creates the numerous memories and experiences that you would expect in a world-class to Read More

South Africa Vacation Tips for Tourists: Tourism, Dramatic Landscapes, and Safaris

It has been said that a traveler's or tourists favorite destination is their next one. Is this the case with you, and are you all set for your next upcoming big adventure? If you haven't finalized the destination why not consider beautiful, distinct, and spectacular South Africa? If you Read More
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Shimla: Favorite Tourist Destination of Himachal Pradesh
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Madeira: A Beautiful, Lush, Diverse and Fun Island
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Paris in 4 days: The Perfect Day and Night Sightseeing Itinerary
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Portugal's Coastline: A Photographic Journey
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Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Facts, Travel and Points of Interest
by Kanchana Rao
Peniche: The Surfing Destination of Portugal
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Thimphu, Bhutan: Where the Happiness of Shangri-La Resides
by Swati Bisht

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