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The Thought

Drunk from the night’s excitement, I decided to drive my way back home, “Don’t leave me!” I screamed at Tebb. Tebb was my best friend/ richest youngster I knew (just in her early 20’s); richer than Zuck, Jenner and the CEO of Flobb; all put together. She was handed over Read More

Funny experience of mine

Written by Famze Adedoja
Rats had been getting plenty around the house and my mum had just about enough of the rats and my brother, whom she had been nagging at to get rid of the rats unsuccessfully, that she used her last card which was to threaten him with food, and my brother had no defence against that. So my brother Read More

A Day 100 Years From Now

A DAY 100 YEARS FROM NOW A hundred years from today’s universe is a seasoned film that can be watched in just a twenty-four day. Hundred years from the earth’s present year is a narrative of the level of peace, security, technology etc. the planet has enjoyed during the past century. Read More

Brilliance Gone Bad

Written by James Eneojile
Each time I think of my high school days, I'm almost driven crazy with laughter. Uhm...yes sorry, i know i tend to use the hyperbole a little bit too much in my stories, but i strongly believe I'm not lying, so please believe me too. Now, Garo academy was one highly crazy high school. well, it was f Read More

Love and Jealousy

Written by Nadine Oraby
Love is the sweetest experience anyone could ever live. Especially when you fall in love with the right person who makes you feel like you are the only love of his life even if he had past experiences. Someone who makes you feel completely safe and secured, he makes you feel irreplaceable. He embrac Read More

How Normal Writers Complete a Novel

It is the habit of some writers to sit down in the cold and deliberate drudgery of one’s mind and drag out a plot, at will and from within, and write a book. These are miraculous people with powers of concentration far beyond most mortal writers.  But as for most of us, we lie awake at Read More

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