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Blessing of God

Written by Nam Raj Khatri
In my search for something strange, I uncovered memories of places so bizarre and beautiful, I would define them as Blessings of God. In the spirit of the moment, I pursued other memories too, like pages in a book, which at first hid in plain sight, but with a little effort, gradually revealed thems Read More

The legend of the bean bag baby

Written by Murray Hill
In the armoured corps a drivers licence is an essential item, you need one to drive things. Obviously, this is part of the cunning ploy by Soviet-era Russians, Al Queda, the Taliban, Inland Revenue and other enemies of civilisation to render the armoured mobility of her majesties infantry moot throu Read More

Coming Home

Written by Michael Henry
Coming Home                                                                  “Mum, it’s me”…her voice falte Read More

The Basics of Writing

The main component of writing lies in conducting research or acquiring prerequisite information about the subject matter under discussion. Professional writers and poets have always confessed to needing a lot of information to communicate agenda and issues in their writing correctly. After resear Read More

To the skies

Written by Paul Almos
To the skies Written by Paul Almos       Staring at the stars in the night sky can be such an amazing and often relaxing activity, but also it can bring so many questions, the possibilities are endless, with every science fiction book, comic, or movie out there. One o Read More

Calling In

Written by Rick Wood
Gary woke up at with his alarm going off at 3:40am; the latest that he can get up and get ready for work without being late. The alarm was set on his phone; he picked up his phone and swiped to the left, dismissing the alarm. Yes, phone, I am up now, leave me alone, he thought. He immediately got up Read More

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