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Desolation Or Delight, Which Is In A Bar?

Written by Jessie Bonful
 After sculling the drink, I felt... happy. It was my relief. The bittersweet aftertaste reminded me that there was alcohol in it. I came here to forget, and I will not leave here until I do. "Another shot, please." The bartender smiled at me. He was cute- snap out of it Read More

Immersed in her world of RuneScape

Written by Mark Pringle
After a reasonably comfortable day at work, here I sit at my computer, momentarily (I don’t want to waste too much time since my kids need my attention. I think we are playing cards tonight) writing what will be the concluding thoughts for my evening. Happily, my daughter i Read More

Love and Jealousy

Written by Nadine Oraby
Love is the sweetest experience anyone could ever live. Especially when you fall in love with the right person who makes you feel like you are the only love of his life even if he had past experiences. Someone who makes you feel completely safe and secured, he makes you feel irreplaceable. He embrac Read More

The deity and the accursed Tecans

Written by Alwin Chitewe
Space voyaging was never part of my dream. My intentions were glued on earth, where I dreamt of inventing the cure for cancer and stashing away all glory. Unfortunately plans have a habit of going south. Thankfully I did not end up with a bottle under my mentum. Instead, I got a chance to see the un Read More

A Begging Love

Written by wendy clement
A BEGGING LOVE In a relationship, if you have to beg, complain and argue is the relationship worth keeping, in this life no relationship should be like this there no need to beg if the person really loves you then he\she will always be present no matter what. A relationship is the makeup of two-p Read More

Love don't be proud

Written by Thabang Mawela
We know that we are talking about someone who is incredibly unique, but the question raised by people is a good one, no, a vital one: who is Joy? Or should I say, who is he trying to be? Self-image is an important aspect of personality. It is the person’s perception of himself, the way he s Read More

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