Youths And Technology-Driver Of Food Sustainability

Written by Ekoja Okewu
As I sat beside a fire stand listening to tales from grand-ma about her farming exploit.  I was shocked to learn that her 15-hectare land records a yield of 3 bags of lentils annually. Grand-son, how are you going to feed your generation?  I started thus… Food sustainability is conc Read More

Is Technology Our Friend?

Written by Ekoja Okewu
Who is a friend?  A friend according to the Oxford Advanced learners’ dictionary is a person who has the same interests and opinions as yourself, and who will help and support you. This is someone we run to in bad and good times, someone to whom we pour our hearts to, someone who knows th Read More

When Is The Right Time and What Is The Good Way For Solar Power Installation?

Written by Enervest Solar
How much percentage of your income do you spend on electricity bills every year? When you come up with an average ratio, you are almost spending more than food bills on electricity bills. And, this simply indicates, wastage of money. No doubt, electricity is our need and we couldn’t compromise Read More

Humans and Natural Norms

Written by sand blown
Nature (that is, as 'time') is a continuous process of change, evolution, adaptation, co-operation, and survival. Change-periods vary from decades and millennia to epoch times of tens of millions of years. Through all that change (time) nature&nbs Read More

The Modification of Technology

If there is one thing I have noticed about Technology is that, it keeps modifying itself. We all ask ourselves, "What Is Technology" ? and do we ever get to conclusions and answers about it? , I doubt it. Well, I for one think it's remarkable. It delivers and it disappoints. It Read More

How to make money online

Money is a necessity in our daily lives, we always have lots of needs to meet and the only acceptable medium of exchange in this 21st century is “Money”, since the trade by barter system is extinct. The growing desire, to meet one’s unending needs, has spearheaded quite a number Read More

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