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Travel & Daily Life Staff

Travel & Daily Life is an ezine (online magazine) and community for writers, photographers, and communicators....

Ekoja Okewu

I am Ekoja Solomon from Nigeria. I love engaging in writeups that spur humanity into action...

Mark Pringle

I'm just a guy who is addicted to the unfamiliar and who fulfills this addiction by traveling and writing about my travels. As a lover of sports, penn...

Mihajlo Filipovic

Retired pro, but a lifelong amateur at heart. Also a diver with decades of experience, and still addicted to underwater photography. I never go to wat...

Lilit Mkrtchyan

I am a Writer/Editor, inspired by the power of words. Alongside Writing, Travel is what makes me alive. My travel map consists of 20 countries an...

Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan

I'm a blogger with two years of blogging experience. I do book reviews, compose poems and write articles on food, art &decor....

Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

I’m 15 and Interested in history and English. I dream of being an author in the future....

Dimpra Kaleem

My name is Dimpra Kaleem and I live behind a keyboard somewhere in New Zealand. I am the sum of many parts, just as all of us have personalities that ...

Nam Raj Khatri

Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting. ...

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WriterBrief Bio
Pool, Margaret I am a woman....more
Turner, Alexis Expert SEO content writer with 8 years of experience in over 40 industries...more
S, Jerome Lights onn Wedding photographers in Madurai try their best to make the photography fit into your day not the other way around. They are gifted with ha...more
Saif ullah, Ayesha Passionate about the art of storytelling, I am a seasoned content writer with three years of expertise in various niches. Known for my ability to craf...more
Deokie, Radhica I currently reside in a beautiful tropical paradise in the Caribbean. I have acquired a Bachelors Degree in Education with a specialization in Busine...more
Ntini, Lindelwa I spread my wings through writing. I feel the fresh air and peacefulness then I know that I am free. When I'm trapped by my thoughts, I escape throu...more
Torkelson, Robert I write fan stories for ideas I have for existing characters....more
Dutta, Akash I am a college grad and currently awaiting final results. I have always liked writing but unfortunately did not get the right opportunity to showcase ...more
Shankar Iyer, Shubhrata I’m a freelance writer and my job involves editing, ghost-writing, blogging and translation. ‘Autobiography of Time’, is a book that I edited. And of ...more
Payne, Carolyn I do not wish to supply a biography. I am only trying to contact other members ...more
allen, delores Retiree been wrirting poetry since the late 1960's. Marygrove College graduate. Previous works publshed in Highland Park Paragon and Metro Times....more
mckita, Richard 35 year old writer who's been writing as long as he remembers. He hopes to one day have his work read by the world...more
Njiri, Dokcas My name is Dokcas; a freelance content writer passionate about SEO writing to drive the traffic to your business with innumerable ways to convert lead...more
Islam, Mohammad Zahidul Journalists...more
Cassidy, Brett Hi there....more
Geba, Charming Charming Geba is a hybrid athlete and writer. Hustling to reach out and help Fitness and Nutrition brands to share their passion, educate others, buil...more
Hoover, Michelle An introverted extrovert, who is uber creative. Writer, painter, seamstress and dancer (to name a few). A hippie at heart, I'm into hippie shit. Your ...more
Adams, Angelina I'm a high school student who loves to write fictional stories....more
Novak, Laurie S I'm a multi-talented renaissance woman who loves photography!!...more
Kumar, Suniel I'm a student–studying second semester of BS Accounting & Finance–at a well-recognised university of Pakistan. I've intermediary writing skills which ...more
Publishing LLC, Janette Collins We are a new Company, started by me, Shawn, and my partner, Ron, in Houston TX area. We actually are intending to write novels, and are a bit side-t...more
Sam, Alex Syllable Counter helps you to count syllables in a sentence. Our website uses different algorithms to count syllable in a word....more
Ngari Wangui, Samuel Writing from the deepest part of my soul and through a 3D perspective, I churn well-articulated ideas and compelling content readers to take action. I...more
mishra, shivendra Hey, its Shivendra here. I am a passionate writer. Whether its that well researched blog or some casual life style, i am here to do it with perfectio...more
TWAGIRA, HERITIER Poetry is life as it reviels what we have in minds ...more
p, m just for a fun...more
Olamide, Ayoade Ayoade Olamide is a (performance) poet, teacher, songwriter, poetry coach and content creator who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the founder of Penb...more
Adin, Mark Joseph I'm a songwriter, Poem Writer, I'm studying psychology and I also make stories. My genre in stories are usually Mystery, Thriller, Horror, and Fantasy...more
Rolfe, Alexandra Living and surviving through trauma and winning the battle we call Life....more
Van Arkel, Shelby I am a freelance photographer. I have been taking pictures since I was 12 years old. I am reregistered with IFPO. I have photo's for sale on other web...more
Gemelke, Nicole A highschooler that wants to be an author. Often goes by Nicky and hopes to do the best I can in contests....more
BioLab, NorthEast NorthEast BioAnalytical Laboratories LLC (NorthEast BioLab) is a bioanalytical lab with 15+ years experience in GLP and clinical bioanalysis services...more
Fluharty, Brenda Brenda Marie Fluharty is a freelance writer, blogger, poet and author.  Brenda is a Reiki Grand Master. She has been blogging for over 15 years. Bren...more
Heaney, Shawn Not much....more
Alex, Tomy An Aspiring to Inspire author, with passionate blend of aptitude and holistic outlooks towards Fiction and nonfiction writings. has hundreds of Poetic...more
Dalumpines, Dianne An enthusiast, a life-long learner....more
Cyan(Chan), Rate I am known as Rate. (pronounced sort of like, "Latte") I am an artist who is currently attempting to pave their way to a new, better life. I hope to ...more
Lemmonds, Tabitha I am a 17 year old College student with a plethora of ideas. I grew up in toxic households which has enabled me to always be creative and to not succu...more
Ravindran, Priti I am a College student and I like writing poetry, social media posts, Kindle books, stories etc....more
Adin, Mark Joseph I'm a Writer specifically in short films, Poems, Songs, and Stories. My main genres in stories and short films were Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, and Dra...more
McKeon, Tina My work is published in various anthologies as well as online. In 2004, I released my first in print book of poetry. Since that time, I have publishe...more
Babourine, Nikita I am a recent graduate in English Literature from the University of California Santa Barbara. During my years at university, I would often find myself...more
Ambrosia, Elles I'm here to share my view on the world and to hopefully see the world in someone elses pov. ...more
Davis, Katherine I am a widowed extra grandmother to the grandchildren of my best friend who simply enjoys writing little stories for fun, so far. It would be amazing...more
Perth, Onyx I am starting over again, multiple journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, that I had written in since I was 16 were lost and stupidly I did not make copies...more
Chaffin, Steven Steven Chaffin Is the Author of several books. A retired military man, he has traveled the world and respects cultural differences of all people. ...more
Afremov, Leonid Leonid Afremov ®(born 12 July 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus - Died August 19th 2019 , Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico) is a Russian–Israeli modern i...more
Pratama, Yanuar Hy i am creative writers about article and blog post...more
Honeycutt, Robyn I'm a licensed clinical psychologist, married 41 years, mother of 2 adult children, and grandmother of 9. I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction. ...more
Payne, John Long time writer and not a deepfake...more
garner, kerry Creative writing and poetry is my hobby. I recently experienced an excelled creativity period or episode one psychosis! I'm now in recovery and attemp...more
Vandevoorde, Ghislaine Poemwriter...more
Kushevski, Marko Young man starting with photography. Willing to expirience moments trough the lens....more
Ezeobi, Chidi Chidi E.O.Ezeobi was born in Nigeria. He obtained early education in Nigeria. He attended Aguata High School, Aguata, Anambra State, Nigeria. He migra...more
Sallee, Shyanne I graduated in 2020 and have started to focus on writing and photography...more
Harris, S I am a 15 year old student. I enjoy writing descriptive short stories and particularly persuasive speeches. ...more
Bill, Richard Avid reader, research enthusiast, detailed analyst and much more. Stay tuned...more
Lake, Cynthia I was born in Georgia, i have three children and I work as a Secretary....more
Matteson, Opal The oldest of 5 children, I grew up 35 cents above the poverty level. I have always dabbled in writing poetry. However my poems for the most part a...more
Chinweike, Angela I'm a passionate writer, a poet, a diction coach, a 21st century teacher, a chef, a public speaker and an all rounder. I am a Serial Entrepreneur and ...more
Kiser, M.L. I've been writing since I was around 12 years old; have many poems and love reading poetry, as well. I've had children's stories published and severa...more
McIntosh, Regina I love to write.... feel free to ask questions. I will give a more detailed biography eventually...more
Fenton, Brooke Teenager who loves writing about her personal experiences and using past/ present trauma to harness those emotions...more
Jeffery, Elijah Hello! I'm here to write and connect. Hit me up! My name is Elijah Jeffery and I'll be your freelancer for today. What can I get you? An article? A s...more
Lovick, Anya A new writer who sees...more
Ingle, Lawrence Lawrence has enjoyed writing poems & rhymes since an early age and finds it fascinating making stories come to life through his words of thoughtful im...more
Lucky, Trevor Thula victorious is a South African model and former beauty queen who won more than 4 beauty contests she is called the black assassin because she doe...more
Anderson, Laiken Young writer...more
Anne, Sarah Sarah Anne is spiraling into middle age, and determined to make the second half of her life more powerful than the first....more
Chesebro, Colleen Colleen M. Chesebro is an American Novelist & Poet who sponsors a weekly Syllabic Poetry Challenge, called Tanka Tuesday, on her blog where participan...more
Wall, Jason In time i have come to enjoy writing and using words to express feeling and set emotions on fire. I am in my late 30s and have time on my hands and wa...more
Versfeld, Dorothy Katherine student* inspired by people in my life ...more
wren, kay Kay Wren grew up in Oregon, and is still in love with the mountains, hiking, and the Pacific Ocean. Her love of animals is what resulted in the disas...more
kirk, india thought it might be a bit of fun...more
Schlageter, Bobbiejo Hello, my name is Bobbiejo and I write poetry, all my poems are about my personal experiences with my ex-addiction, recovery process and sobriety, my ...more
Zahid , Paghunda I post my poems there👉 I love putting my thoughts into words.. ...more
ngaywa, daniel I am a young energetic and focused individual that will deliver your work at the exact mentioned time and free of grammatical and plagiarism errors....more
Stoner, Nina aspiring writer. current student....more
Ferdous, Tamanna Poetry is my passion. I love to write poems about Love, life and nature. Poetry has therapeutic effect on my mind. I have written stories also occasio...more
GK, Raj Scientist. Writes science and academic articles....more
Parmanum, kannen I'm a content marketer...more
Patel, Saramitra Saramitra likes to define herself by the tagline, "Poet By Soul". Her hobbies include writing, reading, graphics designing, and also story telling. Sh...more
Kinard, Robert Robert Lee Kinard, 61 Born and raised in Buffalo New York, who lives in Williamsburg Va former soldier, work as club DJ and Now a Poet My pin name ...more
, Kalyan is a photographer and an avid traveler sharing stories and experiences through photographs and words through ...more
aroneau, kit Kit Remsen Aroneau Attended Dana Hall School 1968-1971 Graduated from The New England School of Photography I have been published in two magazine...more
Rittel, Robert Astrology report blog column writer, spiritual consultant, published wisdom poetry....more
Santiago, Ela Gabrielle A freelance photographer. ...more
foister, caroline single mother, widow whos only love and reason for being is my children...more
Ahtai, Reaz hello my name is Reaz Ahtai, i'm a photographer and i love travelling. i'm from a country called Mozambique south east of Africa, i love ta...more
Harris, Sam I've been writing for about a year professionally. Come from lots of backgrounds. Hit floor running without leaving home most days. Currently working ...more
James, Sharatta It is my mission to remain Blessed with an passion that ends up being my calling. continuous personal and professional growth even if I'm working fro...more
Kekaula, William I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State ...more
Greenacre, Kim My success as a Celebrant has led to other opportunities and I ghost-write copy for trade magazines, websites and key-note speeches for industry profe...more
Hensley, Rose I live in the four corners area of NewMexico. We came here from the east coast in 1978. Writing seems to come naturally for me and I find it therapeut...more
, Srihari photos is one of the budget Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai who obsessively and relentlessly strive to capture images that will evoke ...more
Call, Allison I love to write, wether for prizes or fun it’s my passion ...more
Kostova, Nadya I am passionate about writing, 55 years young, working in television and writing a blog called "My soul's travel notes". I am currently writing it in ...more
Potapova, Elena I am a teacher.My hobby is travelling. ...more
Riddle, Regina I enjoy writing and love to read good poetry and prose....more
shaikh, nagma my name is nagma shaikh , and iam designer ..i love to write poetry age is 20 +..i love painting in my free time ....i have an eye for think th...more

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