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A Dual-Threat Quarterback and a Mobile Quarterback Are Not The Same

Written by Mark Pringle
Deep within the catacombs of sports forums and Facebook sports groups, you will find couch potatoes and amateur talking heads debating the merits of mobile quarterbacks versus traditional pocket passing quarterbacks. Invariably in those discussions, there will arise a secondary debate concerning the Read More

Fiordland National Park: A Beautiful and Majestic Place to Explore (Video)

Fiordland National Park is packed with awe-inspiring sights you can’t see anywhere else. While Norway and Iceland are both known for their fjords, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve reached New Zealand. Fiordland is a World Heritage Site and home to the magnificent Milford Soun Read More

Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe and Highest Train Station in Europe

Jungfraujoch is what is known as a “saddle” (a crest between two peaks, joch in German) connecting the peaks of Jungfrau and Monch in the Bernese Alps. It is a popular tourist destination, mainly because it is home to the highest train station in Europe, at a height of 3454 m above s Read More

Portugal's Junta de Freguesia de Dornes

Bordered by the beautiful Zêzere river, Junta de Freguesia de Dornes is home to a traditional Greek-style village that is home to approximately 700 people, giving it that Portuguese small-town charm. One of the peninsula's most famous attributes is its gorgeous beach, if one is brave enoug Read More

Wondrous Juneau, Playful Whales, and the Defiant Inside Passage

Written by Mark Pringle
It was the northernmost journey's end of our Alaska Inside Passage cruise and the 2nd most remarkable destination of the trip: only behind Canada’s Yukon Territory. It was the serene, surprisingly temperate, and nature-filled Juneau Alaska. Juneau is a magnificent panorama of natur Read More

How to Shoot Great Panoramic Photos

Shooting an excellent panoramic photo will depend largely on location. But even if you are not in a scenic place like London or Dubai, there are several things you can do to end up with far superior final images that you can stitch together for a perfect panorama. Here are some tips from Red & G Read More

Find the good in you

Written by Alishah Ali
The scars on my body doesn’t tell you my story The way I dress doesn’t allow you to judge me The things I let you know are only good ones What you see in me is what I allow you to see The color of my skin is all you see? The color of my skin doesn’t bother me but isn Read More

Harnessing our Thoughts, Productive People Style

Written by Sherese Gooden
Harnessing our Thoughts, Productive People Style April 15, 2019 Thinking is an active process that can lead to passive thoughts that are  really frozen language.  Thoughts are frozen when we do not act on them. This can be the case for both good and bad thoughts. Since this Blog is a Read More

Domestic and Family Violence in Canada

Written by Courtney Joshua
The oppression of women is not a new concept to study as it plagues our histories both oral and written forms. Many are not surprised to hear of the years of oppressive acts which have occurred across the globe, nor the acts still experienced in today's day and age. However, many are surpri Read More

The Basics of Writing

The main component of writing lies in conducting research or acquiring prerequisite information about the subject matter under discussion. Professional writers and poets have always confessed to needing a lot of information to communicate agenda and issues in their writing correctly. After resear Read More

Tips for Honing Your Writing Skills

Producing great writing requires that you polish your writing skills. This cannot happen by just sitting and imagining your writing flaws and promising to fix them. Here are a few tips to help you hone your writing skills.  1. Be a frequent reader There’s power in becoming a habitua Read More

Life at 21 Lane-Scene One

Written by Austin Mitchell
 Life at 21 Lane  by Austin Mitchell  a play in one act by  Austin Mitchell   This  play is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual eve Read More