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A Dual-Threat Quarterback and a Mobile Quarterback Are Not The Same

Written by Mark Pringle
Deep within the catacombs of sports forums and Facebook sports groups, you will find couch potatoes and amateur talking heads debating the merits of mobile quarterbacks versus traditional pocket passing quarterbacks. Invariably in those discussions, there will arise a secondary debate concerning the Read More

Portugal's Fortaleza de Peniche (Fort of Peniche)

Fortaleza de Peniche (Fort of Peniche), built in the sixteenth century on the island of Peniche, began to be used as a prison in the 18th century. However, it wasn’t until 1934, during the fascist dictatorial political system of António de Oliveira Salazar, that it became a political pr Read More

The Big Trees of Yosemite

Between the heavy pine and silver fir zones towers the Big Tree (Sequoia gigantea), the king of all the conifers in the world, "the noblest of the noble race." The groves nearest Yosemite Valley are about twenty miles to the westward and southward and are called the Tuolumne, Merced and Ma Read More

To Have A Style

The word STYLE derives its current meaning from the Latin word stilus meaning spike used for sketching and writing on clay tablets. Dictionaries reveal the full definition of style  as a distinctive manner of expression; a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting onesel Read More

Using Writing as a Form of Meditation

Written by Brenda Fluharty
Using Writing as a Form of Meditation preparation Using Writing as meditation can be very useful. Many people love to write. Writing can be very calming and relaxing. I know, for me, when I write I go into a zone. Writing calms and relaxes me. I seem to be in another time and space when I wri Read More

Landscape Nature Photography For Beginners

It does not matter if you want to start with nature landscape photography as a hobby or as a profession, there are beginners tips for everyone. If you're going to learn the skills and the different techniques you need for nature landscape photography you can read about it online, buy a book abou Read More

Projecting Nigeria value as a great Nation through film

Written by Ekoja Okewu
Films have existed for several decades, and it has acted as a vital tool that has shaped the world positively and negatively Africa as a continent was able to get rid of some of her fetish practices like human sacrifices, killing of twins, religion and a host of others through the influence Read More

Trump Administration's Zero Tolerance Policy

Written by Catie Lindsey
     With humanitarian issues on the table, it has only been the last three days that CNN has felt the Zero Tolerance policy of the Trump administration newsworthy. On Friday, June 15, 2018, they were focusing on who did or did not interfere in the Trump presidential campaign. If t Read More

Which Type of Lawyers Available In Australia?

Written by Costanzo Lawyers
There are such areas you must need the support of a lawyer, and for that, you must be searching. People are unaware of the type and category of the lawyer. As per the law, there are main 4 types of lawyers, Civil The civil law has enclosed with the different areas, considering the legal r Read More

Learning To Write Poems

Poems are made of human thoughts. They are the spontaneous, natural outflow of emotions evolving from close and objective observations of the things and circumstances around us. Since human mind carries a bit of cosmic world inborn in it, it cannot prevent itself from rising to elations at the r Read More

Think Twice Before Publishing With Free Article Directories

Online publishing platforms are a great solace not only to those who seek up-to-date and current knowledge, but for those who wish to publish articles without complications also. Websites like Wikinut serve this purpose fine. One can also publish articles in free article directories like Go Arti Read More

Salvation of the Christian

Written by Peter Mathias
SALVATION OF THE CHRISTIAN Salvation of the Christian is about deliverance and freedom from the bondage of sin and eternal torment. The Christian is not a slave of sin anymore, his soul yearns daily for God’s kingdom and the system does not influence him anymore. The Christian experiences Read More