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Peniche: The Surfing Destination of Portugal

Enclosed by three breathtaking walls of deep blue ocean, Peniche is the surfing destination of Portugal and maybe all of Europe. Home to several renowned surfing schools, and what many consider the best waves in Western Europe this fishing port has all the essentials for an amazing surfing experienc Read More

The Sound of the Camera

Once upon a time (is it already so far?), there were mechanical light-gathering boxes we called cameras because these were small obscure rooms where photo-sensitive materials waited in total darkness for short rays of light which changed their life! Over the decades these cameras changed shape, d Read More

Charming Stein am Rhein and its Magnificent Stories

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
How do you start painting a place which you have never seen previously? That was the question I was asked when painting my first work: “The Swallow’s Nest”  (a castle on the cliffs of Crimea), which I had never seen in my life. Nevertheless, it seemed as if I had been ther Read More

The Trees of Yosemite Valley

The most influential of the Valley trees is the yellow pine (Pinus ponderosa). It attains its noblest dimensions on beds of water-washed, coarsely-stratified moraine material, between the talus slopes and meadows, dry on the surface, well-watered below and where not too closely assembled in groves t Read More

Photo Tips - How To Create Better Landscape Photography!

At some point in our photo lives, we all give landscape photography a try. And when we see the results, for the most part we are disappointed. Today's photo tip will help you move your landscape photos to a new level, and give you something you can hang on your wall with pride. Landscape phot Read More

The Forest Trees of Yosemite in General

For the use of the ever-increasing number of Yosemite visitors who make extensive excursions into the mountains beyond the Valley, a sketch of the forest trees in general will probably be found useful. The different species are arranged in zones and sections, which brings the forest as a whole withi Read More

Does the Media Fulfill or Fail Its Functions?

Written by Rebekah O Reilly
The functions of the media are to inform, educate, and entertain the general public.  The question might be posed, however: does the media fulfill or fail these functions? Well, personally I believe that the media only partially fulfills its functions. From my knowledge, I would th Read More

Gender Inequality In Idoma Marriage Sanct- Ions, Circa 1990 To 2010.

Written by Ekoja Okewu
 TOPIC: GENDER INEQUALITY IN IDOMA MARRIAGE SANCT-                                   IONS, CIRCA 1990 TO 2010.   & Read More

The Modification of Technology

If there is one thing I have noticed about Technology is that, it keeps modifying itself. We all ask ourselves, "What Is Technology" ? and do we ever get to conclusions and answers about it? , I doubt it. Well, I for one think it's remarkable. It delivers and it disappoints. It Read More

Tips for Honing Your Writing Skills

Producing great writing requires that you polish your writing skills. This cannot happen by just sitting and imagining your writing flaws and promising to fix them. Here are a few tips to help you hone your writing skills.  1. Be a frequent reader There’s power in becoming a habitua Read More

The Rise Of Woman Novelist – A Free Glance

Women have contributed a lot to the world of Literature. Among them are the ones who brought a special focus on writing novels and became the first woman novelist. THE RISE OF WOMEN NOVELIST started with Mrs. Aphra Behn. She is the earliest English women to write fiction. She lived her early life Read More

How Co-Parenting Is Critically Effective Even After Separation?

Written by Costanzo Lawyers
Co-parenting after a separation can be hard. The partnership between you and your ex-partner can make parenting specifically challenging. You may be worried about financial safety and security, child assistance, burned out by dispute, or bothered with getting rid of animosity in your relationship. C Read More