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Zagreb, Croatia: Things to Do, Getting Around, Nightlife, & More

Written by Seweryn
Year by year Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Although many people go directly to the Croatian coast to visit Split or Dubrovnik, Zagreb (which is located in the northwest of the country) has a lot to offer. It is a bustling city with a rich history a Read More

Konaseema: Into the Unseen Scenery of Andhra Pradesh

Written by anju1016
The Unseen, There is always a fear associated with the unseen and the unknown. You may not always wish to venture in it as it might lurk you into danger and put you on a path from where it might be impossible to return. Isn’t it dreadful thinking and believing that your worst nightmare mi Read More

Is Trevor Lawrence the Next “Sure Thing” NFL QB? Not So Fast!

Written by Mark Pringle
He is projected to be the consensus number one pick in NFL Draft. He is also thought to be the one "sure-thing" quarterback of the 2021 NFL Draft. Even so, last year, I was not overly impressed with Trevor Lawrence, and that opinion carried over to the 2020 college season. However, I h Read More

5 Emerging Ways Millennials Influence Travel

Millennials have grown accustomed to seeing the world in the palm of their hand. The generation born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s has grown up at the forefront of the digital age and with a smartphone as their ubiquitous accessory. The development of this generation has coincide Read More

Wondrous Juneau, Playful Whales, and the Defiant Inside Passage

Written by Mark Pringle
It was the northernmost journey's end of our Alaska Inside Passage cruise and the 2nd most remarkable destination of the trip: only behind Canada’s Yukon Territory. It was the serene, surprisingly temperate, and nature-filled Juneau Alaska. Juneau is a magnificent panorama of natur Read More

Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe and Highest Train Station in Europe

Jungfraujoch is what is known as a “saddle” (a crest between two peaks, joch in German) connecting the peaks of Jungfrau and Monch in the Bernese Alps. It is a popular tourist destination, mainly because it is home to the highest train station in Europe, at a height of 3454 m above s Read More

Love is Driving People out of their Minds: Totally Worth it!

Written by Nadine Oraby
“What is the best stage in love?” is a controversial question that has many variable answers according to numerous opinions. As far as I am concerned, I believe the majority of people I have met admit that “the best stage in love is the pre-confession stage”. The pre-confessi Read More

Brief Tips on Becoming a Novelist

Novel writing can be an exciting endeavor or course. However, to write effectively, you need some fundamental and developmental aspects to become a real writer. Basics of narrative drive, plot, and story structure are essential. In the early stages, you will need feedback as you move from one step t Read More

Humans and Natural Norms

Written by sand blown
Nature (that is, as 'time') is a continuous process of change, evolution, adaptation, co-operation, and survival. Change-periods vary from decades and millennia to epoch times of tens of millions of years. Through all that change (time) nature&nbs Read More

Five Ways to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

As an author, it is essential to maintain your credibility. One way to do this is by avoiding common writing errors and mistakes. Learning the various techniques that industry leaders use to avoid making these mistakes can result in creating nicely-written work on which that reader can depend. Here Read More

Major Forms Of Prose

The following are the major form of prose:   Long Prose-works Examples of The Great prose works and their Authors- ROGER ASCHAM – THE SCHOOL MASTER SIR THOMAS BROWNE- VULGAR ERRORS DAVID HUME- HISTORY OF ENGLAND JOHN ARBUTHNOT- HISTORY OF JOHN BULL   Read More

A renaissance manager

Written by Ekoja Okewu
A renaissance manager is someone who has profound, diverse expertise and channels those abilities for purpose, problem solving and unifying others. Although such a manager is given the common maxim ‘’Jack-Of-All-Trades, master of none’’ a renaissance leader is driven by cause Read More