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Super Starry Feel in China: My Truly Chinese Experience

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
I felt like a Superstar in China… The first time I heard such phrase was in October 2017, from a British traveler in Amman, Jordan.   But the true meaning of these words, I started to realize them once I entered China two months ago. Since then, I have felt surprised, astonished, m Read More

Budapest Hungary: When Reality Exceeds Your Expectations

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
It was a pleasant day of Spring: one of those days that are fondling your aura with positivity vibes and filling your soul with joy and romance. I was on a plane flying to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It was my first stop in the multi-city and multi-country journey. While Budapest had been Read More

The Trees of Yosemite Valley

The most influential of the Valley trees is the yellow pine (Pinus ponderosa). It attains its noblest dimensions on beds of water-washed, coarsely-stratified moraine material, between the talus slopes and meadows, dry on the surface, well-watered below and where not too closely assembled in groves t Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Armenia

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
Once upon a time, Noah embarked on a land that was sacred and divine…  The land was called Armenia… The name of the country always twinkles as “the land of mountains”, with the Noah’s Biblical Mount Ararat associated with Armenia forever and ever. In fact Read More

Facts About Norway and Top Places to Visit

Written by pshirude
“The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself.” You get to experience this saying when you visit Norway, a beautiful Nordic country in the Baltic Sea region of Europe. It is one of eight countries in the world that has land within the Arctic Circle. The other seven countries Read More


Let's call it SubScope, the  "below-looker", as opposed to "above-looker" or PeriScope. It follows the same principle, though. Using prisms and/or mirrors, the light is bent through the tube so as to transfer the point of view. There are more sophisticated means to do Read More

Peacocks - Strictly for the Birds

Written by Michael Henry
Pavo cristatus or Indian Peafowl are classified as part of the pheasant family and have been admired and revered by many cultures for millennia because of the beautiful plumage displayed by the peacock, the male of the species. The female is the peahen and does not enjoy the same attention due to he Read More

Building your property through solar system Melbourne

Written by Enervest Solar
Solar energy creates a sense to cut costs when the house is now free and clean for generating electricity to get. A solar power panels, help to make the house active workflow easily. Currently, the working process to lighten the house is a necessity with future time. Every home is alleviating with t Read More

Is There Any Benefit Behind Solar Panel Installation?

Written by Enervest Solar
Before going straight to the topic, let’s have some brainstorming activity. How many of you know that solar energy gets delivered via the sun’s radiation? Almost every one of you may have an idea about the sun and its power. And, few Solar Panels Melbourne companies harness the energy so Read More

Will Online Writing Bring Enough To Live?

Well-written, informative and thoughtful articles are the ones that decide the future of a writer’s career. Writers, who are loved by readers for their style of writing and also for the interesting things they generally write about, are eagerly sought after by publishers and their commissi Read More

My Fractal Life

Written by sand blown
        It always seemed a likely dream that reality would make sense by my seventies; well it happened. A childhood dream came true when an understanding from a long distant past blossomed like a butterfly effect. As a light Read More

Country to experience rapid economic growth if UHC (Universal Health Coverage) initiative is executed properly

Country to experience rapid economic growth if UHC (Universal Health Coverage) initiative is executed properly The president's UHC (Universal Health Coverage) initiative that is aimed at ensuring every Kenyan citizen has access to affordable health care is a great idea that will benefit Kenya Read More