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Kakadu National Park and Northern Territory Vacation Travel Guide (Video)

Kakadu National Park, located in Australia's Northern Territory, contains nearly 20,000 square kilometers of natural, geological, and archaeological treasures. There are so many valuable pieces of Australia's ecological and cultural history in the park that it was placed in its entirety on t Read More

Seville, Spain: Facts, Travel, Points of Interest and Food

Written by Swati Bisht
It was a sunny, breezy, and cheerful afternoon when I reached Seville: a city in southern Spain which had been in my travel wish-list for a long time. The largest autonomous community of Andalusia and situated on the river Guadalquivir, I was confident that this city had a lot to offer to any travel Read More

Konaseema: Into the Unseen Scenery of Andhra Pradesh

Written by anju1016
The Unseen, There is always a fear associated with the unseen and the unknown. You may not always wish to venture in it as it might lurk you into danger and put you on a path from where it might be impossible to return. Isn’t it dreadful thinking and believing that your worst nightmare mi Read More

The World Class City of Porto Portugal

Portugal is home to several world class cities with one of the major cities being the city of Porto. Porto is the second largest city in the country in terms of the number of people residing in the city, the physical size of the city and even the level of infrastructural investment put in place Read More

Introduction To Underwater Photography - 2

Introduction To Underwater Photography – How to Use Your Equipment (part 2 of 3) Hello! I hope you have read the first part of this intro, which deals with choosing the basic snorkeling gear that makes it possible to visit the hypnotic beauties of the submerged parts of our World. Read More

The Medieval Walled Town of Óbidos Portugal

Take a trip into the old-world and picturesque olive countryside of the Óbidos municipality. The region offers breathtaking views of the ocean to the west and rolling hills to the east. While the municipality extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean with its refreshing salt-air breezes, high Read More

Cultivating New Life Stories

Written by Hanan Essam
I was always looking for new stories. Stories that never end. Stories that would allow healthy vines to grow beautifully into the garden of my life, and fulfill my endless dreams. Stories that could replenish my soul to overcome the gaps of the noisy weeds which cause to linger the movements of my l Read More

Living Current Times With Limited Resources And Self Reliant

Written by Ekoja Okewu
“With Covid-19, I believe its Gods way of telling us only Humans can save Humans with Humanity”-Somya Kedia As a result of the economic crisis created by the pandemic, almost 1.6 billion informal economy workers representing the most vulnerable in the labour market out of a world-wide Read More

How Normal Writers Complete a Novel

It is the habit of some writers to sit down in the cold and deliberate drudgery of one’s mind and drag out a plot, at will and from within, and write a book. These are miraculous people with powers of concentration far beyond most mortal writers.  But as for most of us, we lie awake at Read More

Brief Tips on Becoming a Novelist

Novel writing can be an exciting endeavor or course. However, to write effectively, you need some fundamental and developmental aspects to become a real writer. Basics of narrative drive, plot, and story structure are essential. In the early stages, you will need feedback as you move from one step t Read More

It is Inevitable for a Human not to Bully

Written by jamaica silva
Do you think people are different to one each other or They are similar in Everything they do? Living In this world, we usually engage in some different situation but the same act always. Always remember that people are naturally sensitive and fragile. We can hurt them just by the way we talk, lo Read More

Sex after Prostate Cancer

Written by Dimpra Kaleem
The thing about Prostate cancer, the really annoying thing about this potential killer is that of all the cancers you can get, (If you are going to get one of course), this is the best one. It is slow burning, which is good because you have plenty of time to do something about it if you are diagnose Read More