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Goa India Backpacking, Partying, Touring, Beaches, and Lost Portuguese History

Written by saptami
"No matter what your dream destinations are, Goa will always find its place on your Wishlist." Like this quote, a Goa trip is an iconic one which every teenager wants to have with their friends. The classic line ‘Every Goa-plan ever’ also denotes the lower percentage of succ Read More

7 Best and Unforgettable Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

Written by Seweryn
Are you getting married and planning a honeymoon? Of course, you are. Just after the wedding, newlyweds often feel like living it up and this is the perfect time for a journey of a lifetime. With that in mind, it's hard to conjure a more romantic scenario than a honeymoon spent on an exotic Read More

Top 10 Best Skiing Destinations in The World

Written by Kanchana Rao
Every season has its own share of excitement and fun to look forward to. With winter, it has to be skiing. Determining the top 10 skiing destinations in the world is certainly subjective. Nevertheless, be it for beginners or professionals, every snow clad mountain invites with its sheer white slopes Read More

Tokyo, Japan: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Written by Collins Obara
Are you planning on taking a trip[ to Japan? If so, Tokyo should be on your list of "do not miss" cities to visit. Ranked among the busiest commercial towns in the world, Tokyo was previously referred to as Edo before its name was changed back in 1867. Located in the heart of Japan an Read More

Fontainebleau Chateau: The Royal French Palace

Written by Swati Bisht
 Away from the madness of the everyday world, to the southeastern side of Paris, is a magnificent fairytale town called Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau is only about 55 kilometers from Paris and has good connectivity with the cultural mecca through rail or road. Still not Read More

Legislation About Yosemite

In the year 1864, Congress passed the following act:--  ACT OF JUNE 30, 1864 (13 STAT., 325).  An Act Authorizing a grant to the State of California of the "Yo-Semite Valley," and of the land embracing the "Mariposa Big Tree Grove." "Be it enacted by t Read More

Shakespeare's Take on Life's Strength

Life is a struggle-meet it. Or Life is a challenge –face it. Likewise there are many life lessons thought and told by most well experienced people. “”Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.” Says an ancient Indian proverb, in today’s Read More

Is The Magnesium Helpful For The Anxiety?

Written by Salt Laboratory
Yeah…. Just came from the work at the home and still not going over back from the last moment trip or I can say anxiety is in your mind….  and I wish anyone just my muscle with the massage and give me the relax. Is this scenario of you every day?  If the answer is YES then &h Read More

The Gender Bill Dilemma in Parliament

The Gender Bill that was deferred to February 2019 due to lack of the requisite number to deliberate and vote by Members of Parliament in Kenya continues to elicit mixed reactions among Kenyans from both quarters of the divide. This bill, reintroduced by the Majority Leader Aden Duale after failing Read More

What It Will Take To End Early Child Marriage In Nigeria

Written by Ekoja Okewu
It is an honour to be granted this rare opportunity by the World Bank to comment on this topic and I hope that this work will pass the desired message and create a lasting impact in ending early child marriage in Africa. A convenient departure point therefore may be to establish the reasons for t Read More

The Advantages of Being Selfish

Written by Jekami Adetiloye
Selfishness in our society of today has been wrongly associated with thinking totally about oneself and one's advancement, happiness,  success, etc at the expense of others. This is a type of selfishness I will like to call narcissism. However, there is another part of selfishn Read More

A Smartest Way of Hiring a Solar Panel Installation Company

Written by Enervest Solar
Can you install the solar panels at your own? Nah! Then, what will you do? You will require an expert who takes all the responsibility to handle the installation procedure from start to the end. This is the reason, you & I, we all seek for Solar Panels Melbourne Company that can simplify all the Read More