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Budapest Hungary: When Reality Exceeds Your Expectations

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
It was a pleasant day of Spring: one of those days that are fondling your aura with positivity vibes and filling your soul with joy and romance. I was on a plane flying to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It was my first stop in the multi-city and multi-country journey. While Budapest had been Read More

Yosemite: The Approach to the Valley

When I set out on the long excursion that finally led to California I wandered afoot and alone, from Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico, with a plant-press on my back, holding a generally southward course, like the birds when they are going from summer to winter. From the west coast of Florida I crossed Read More

Taipei, Taiwan: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Written by Collins Obara
Taipei city is a modern metropolis located on the northern tip of Taiwan. As a capital city, Taipei is known as a prominent economic and cultural hub. This island has a lot to offer with years of contested and exciting history.  Being among the best in design and shopping to a city full of Read More

Niagara Falls Facts, Fun Things to Do, and History

Written by Collins Obara
The Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is among the top natural wonders in the world with three spectacular waterfalls; Bridal Veil, American Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls. The 56-kilometer spectacle of nature creates the numerous memories and experiences that you would expect in a world-class to Read More

Kalpa: A Mystical Village In the Himalayan Mountains

Written by saptami
The season ‘Fall’ is always related to the creation of a barren earth. Yet, there is one place among the Himalayan hills, which is most fertile around the time of the fall. The color of Autumn in the small Himalayan hamlet Kalpa is red, green and gold, the color of its giant-sized apples Read More

Florence Italy and Its Historic Renaissance Attractions

From towering museums and churches, to inviting piazzas, to mesmerizing paintings and statues, the captivating Florence, Italy is well known for its beauty and art. Florence sees millions of sightseers each year who come from all around the world to see the artistic and historical wonders this beaut Read More

7 Signs You are FALLING for Mr. Wrong!

Women can get carried away in the beginning of a relationship to a point where she even start to plan her wedding. Whilst it is encouraged that you embrace the feelings of infatuation and love in the romantic phases, you should not close your eyes to see what you need to as a means to assess if Read More

Go Green With The Solar Panels Option And Save Money

Written by Enervest Solar
Are you thinking to get the best option for the energy and still confused for the perfect source? Then here is the best way to choose the perfect one. Some Glimpse Of The Green Energy AKA Solar Energy, Solar Panels Melbourne system capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells, and that Read More

The Advantages of Being Selfish

Written by Jekami Adetiloye
Selfishness in our society of today has been wrongly associated with thinking totally about oneself and one's advancement, happiness,  success, etc at the expense of others. This is a type of selfishness I will like to call narcissism. However, there is another part of selfishn Read More

Building your property through solar system Melbourne

Written by Enervest Solar
Solar energy creates a sense to cut costs when the house is now free and clean for generating electricity to get. A solar power panels, help to make the house active workflow easily. Currently, the working process to lighten the house is a necessity with future time. Every home is alleviating with t Read More

Civil Engineering

Written by Ayodeji Allen
The thought of Civil Engineering reminds me of Architectural Engineering which is a very important and an integral part of engineering.  Even though I do not have the artistic skills, I have always admired the beautiful structures and buildings surrounding me.  I have respect for the peopl Read More

Children's Day: Make Children Successful in Life

In India, every year on the 14th November the birthday of Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru is being celebrated as Children's Day. As parents, this children’s day, pledge to make your children all well.  Nourish them with moral values & ethics. Make civic sense as a part of thei Read More