1,011 Miles

Written by Eva McDonald |
Published on:

Last night I had a dream
that I felt your touch.
A kiss
on your lips.
After what feels like forever.
Because to me
four months is forever.
An eight hour work day is forever,
especially when I come to see you.
Don't you wonder why I sleep
the weekdays?
It is so when I wake up,
you'll be there to kiss me
"good morning"
and we can visit with each other
all night.
Before I travel 1,011 miles away.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Eva McDonald
My name is Eva, I am 18 years old and challenge myself to write in everyday situations. My head is my biggest book. I write freeverse poetry on Hello Poetry, and I am pretty sure it's getting some love. I came up through hard times and continue to struggle, but that does not stop it only inspires me.


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