15 of the Weirdest Places in the World You Must See

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Are you interested in visiting some of the weirdest places on earth? The world is a vast place, and it does not matter if you have traveled a lot or you have never left your hometown, our planet will astound you. There are thousands of weird and fascinating places you may have never seen, not to mention sights about which you've never heard. In this list, we have come up with 15 mysterious and weird places around the world you should consider visiting.  Check them out!

15. Giant Crystal Cave

Location: Mexico

Giant Crystal Cave, located at the Naica Mine, starts our list of the worlds weirdest places to visit. Deep down in the Earth's bowels, you will see immense and shiny mineral pillars which are capable of making you sense how insignificant humans are. This massive structure has been growing in Mexico for more than 500,000 years now. It is known to inspire case studies on how most of the organisms cope with extreme heat and humidity.

Huashan Mountain

Location: China

In case you are not sure of what is weird about the Huashan Mountain then you need to look closely at the end of this treacherous death-defying trail located in China. Despite being home to a tea house in the sky, the Huashan Plank Walk in the Sky is also known for its adrenaline-raising hike. It is popularly known as "the road to heaven."

Sea of Stars

Location: Maldives

The Bioluminescent sea plankton does shine bright blue during the night, which makes the sea surface of Vaadhoo Island appear like the Sea of Stars. The Vaadhoo Island Maldives Sea of Stars attracts millions of tourists every year to the Maldives.

Painted Hills

Location: Oregon, the US

How many times does a person come across a place with a level of beauty that is completely overwhelming? The Painted Hills is one of such sites. In case you do not believe what we are saying, please feel free and book a trip to Oregon and see for yourself. Photos do not do it justice, and we promise that you will be impressed.

At the Painted Hills of John Day Fossil Beds, there are minerals stain presences in the myriad hues. The ever-changing level of moisture and light have a beautiful effect on the reds, blacks, yellows, and golds.

Blood Falls

Location: Antarctica

Image by Peter Rejcek

The Blood Falls do provide a creepy vision amidst the unending whiteness of the snow. Its water is red because of the presence of high amounts of Iron.  This phenomenon makes the list of the weirdest places to visit in the world.  However, according to recent research findings, the mystery and weirdness that had surrounded the Blood Falls have vanished.

Caño Cristales

Location: Colombia

The Caño Cristales River in Colombia turns red during the summer months. Unique plant species cover the bed of this river, and that is what is responsible for its turning red. It is among the most mysterious places on earth that are found under the water.  This river is, at times, referred to as the Liquid Rainbow or the River of Five Colors.

The Silfra Rift

Location: Iceland

Silfra Rift separates the two tectonic plates and two continents, namely the Eurasian plates and the North American plates. It occupies an area that is approximately 600 by 200 meters. The Silfra Rift is considered among Iceland’s great experiences. You will be astonsihed by the magnitude of beauty of this great and natural marvel.

Tunnel of Love

Location: Ukraine

The Tunnel of Love is a fantastic section of the industrial railway in Ukraine. It is a green leafy tunnel that seems like something completely out of the fairy tale.  The Tunnel of Love is also an excellent place for couples to take both morning and evening strolls. If you are planning to surprise your loved-one with a trip consider ditching the usual trip to the Disney land and book a flight to Ukraine and visit the Tunnel of Love.

Eternal Flame Falls

Location: New York, the US

Eternal Flame Falls is a quaint waterfall that is situated at the Shale Creek Preserve. Shale Creek Preserve is a Chestnut Ridge Park section in Western New York. There is a tiny area under the waterfall that emits natural gas. The most exciting thing is that it can be lit to produce a flame which will burn bright under the waterfall and be visible throughout the year. It can easily be turned-off and re-lit.

The Underwater Park

Location: Austria

Our list of 15 weird places in the world to visit cannot be complete without this underwater beauty. The Underwater Park is among the strangest places in the world. It is located in the Green Lake in Tragoess. Some people think it is just a gimmick, but it is a real park that goes under the water during the spring.  For sure, even the scuba divers need time to relax and rest from this "hike." The Underwater Park is considered to be among the most fabulous waters one can dive in and around Europe, thanks to its rarest natural phenomenon.

Dead Vlei

Location: Namibia

Dead Vlei means dead marsh. The exact place is popularly known as the ‘Dooie Vlei.’ This place is sun blackened dead forest inside a white clay pan which is an oasis that has dried-up. Lack of water force the tree roots to surface as they look for moisture. The struggle for the moisture is real. This place surrounded by rust-orange and big dunes which form a contrasting backdrop. This natural phenomenon is surrounded by the highest number of dunes in the world.

Slope Point

Location: New Zealand

The Slope Point is South Island’s southernmost region. The forest in this point is home to trees which have been windblown and permanently twisted thanks to the strong Antarctic gusts. It is considered to be among the strangest and windiest places in the world.  Its sight is intensified by rugged cliffs that have eroded with strong winds and time. This place is commonly used for sheep farming although there are no houses around. The AA signpost is another highlight of this place. The AA signpost installed at this point shows the distance to the Equator, which is 5140 Km and the distance to the South Pole, which is 4803 Km.

Spotted Lake Khiluk

Location: Northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia

The Spotted Lake Khiluk is the most mineralized lake in the world. This lake is spotted with a total of 365 separate pools. The pools are arranged in a pattern resembling that of a strange mosaic. The spots do hold a highly abundant and unique chemical content, and it is said to be able to cure different types of ailments.

Die Rakotzbrück

Location: Altes Schloß 11, 02953 Gablenz, Germany

The amazing Die Rakotzbrück Bridge was built in the 19th century. It is popularly known for its unparalleled accuracy in bridge construction, its reflection that merges into a perfect, and its complete stone circle that is visible from any vantage point. This strange spectacle is why most people refer to this bridge as the ‘Devil’s Bridge.’ Both Rakotzbrücke ends do have a thin rock with spires installed that makes it look like natural basalt columns that occur in most parts of Germany.

Lake Natron

Location: Tanzania

Lake Natron is near the top of our list of the worlds weirdest placed to visit. The animals that die in this lake are turned into statues through calcification. Availability of high volumes of sodium bicarbonate ensures they turn into mummies. Due to the high concentration of alkaline, this lake appears red. It is one of the reasons why this lake is popularly referred to as ‘Petrifying Lake.’ Despite all the above conditions, Lake Natron is still a grazing ground for the Lesser Flamingos.


We are sure that you will be rushing to make changes to your bucket list after seeing some of the weirdest places to visit around the world.  Visiting any of these destinations will ensure you experience unique awe and an entire spectrum of human emotions.

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