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If you are on a three-day tour of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom and one of the most fascinating cities on earth, you will want to see as much as possible while not missing the highlights of this historic city. Many tourists from across the globe come to London for sightseeing throughout the year. When you tour London, you are certain to find something of interest from its various events, historical landmarks, cuisine, activities, and more. However, if you are careful, you can miss out on some of the must do and see things in London. Hopefully, this itinerary will help you plan and avoid any regrettable mistakes.

London's Royal Parks

Day 1 in London


On reaching London, you will for most of the tome have to deal with the realities of jetlag. On your first day in London, one way to ensure that you make the most of your time is by planning some exciting options to do. As most of your day 1 will be earmarked for travel, you would be interested in picking shorter adventures for the day. In this way, you will not have to feel tired after your travel if you keep the adventures exciting.


In order become accustomed to the local time zone as well as to get a feel of the city, plan your day with lunch, as this will help you. In the Hyde Park, you can come across many restaurants as well as some budget-friendly options. From the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen which is inside the park, pick up pizza or a sandwich and enjoy a picnic on the grounds. When you have finished your meal, meander through the parks to see the sights. You can also visit some of the park’s best attractions.


Thames River and Big Ben
Thames River and Big Ben

In London, you will come across many places to visit. It, however, pays to check out the free attractions in London so as to help you keep your expenses under control. Buckingham Palace is very near to Hyde Park, so if you wish; you can simply walk over. Walk around the Borough Market if you wish to fell London’s culture and cuisine. It is on the Thames River that the market is located and it is also not far away from the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. If you are fond of watching plays head straight there and after the play grab some snacks or even dinner at the market before you walk along London’s world-famous waterway.

If it’s raining in London then go to the Natural History Museum. You will be spellbound by its architecture and when you are there you’ll be mesmerized by its 70 million items which have been exhibited. What’s more, it’s free to visit. Another option is the British Museum if you are fond of European history. It is also free. Here, you’ll get to admire the Rosetta Stone and mummies.

The British Museum
The British Museum


The Borough Market acts as a wonderful day to check out a pub if you have missed dinner at, which is the ultimate place in London dining. Even if you had eaten, here you can guzzle down some drinks at places like Carpenter’s Arms, Bradley’s Spanish Bar and even at the Bricklayer’s Arms which are amongst the more popular local pubs.

Oxford Street
Oxford Street

Before returning to your hotel take a lazy walk on the Oxford Street where you can enjoy the glitz and glamour of the shops here even if you don’t want to shop. For enjoying the nightlife of London then the Soho District near the Oxford Street is known for its beautiful nightlife. Be cautious enough not to stay too out too late as one more day of exploration awaits you!

Day 2 in London

On your second day, it will also be your only full day tour in London. This is the time to see some nearby sights as now you can take a full day excursion tour out of the city. Below we have provided you with options for ways to spend your day:


Tour Nearby Sites

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

The busy and charming city of London has many interesting places to visit and see within the city. If however, you are having a trip of a lifetime; it may be that you want to get away from the city limits so that you can watch some of the cities nearby attractions. Consider the Stonehenge, Windsor and the Bath tour which is a 12-hour tour which will keep you occupied for most of your day. This tour. It also includes a stopover for lunch at a historic pub which isn’t included in the tour. Just outside of London you can begin your tour from the Windsor Castle as it is the place that for over 900 years the monarchs have lived. Then, head to Stonehenge which is a famous prehistoric site in the country. Sign off your tour at the entrance to the Roman Baths and at the Georgian city which is something you will remember for lifelong.


Museum Hopping

If you don’t want to leave the city, you can while away your time on your second day touring the many different kinds of museums of London. Before picking up that advantageous London Pass which will provide you with the freedom to access a lot of the museums in and around London. You are provided with the freedom to select the museums of your choice which you want to visit.  The Tate Modern, British Museum, and the Natural History Museum are all free. Select the one you couldn’t see on the first day of your tour. We guarantee you that you will be mesmerized by its art and history.


The restaurants for lunch near the museums are expensive but you can still locate some affordable and tasty gems. Why not try out the Raison D’Etre or Consider Caffe Forum for a budgeted lunch that you can grab and go as you explore the city.


If you so desire, your afternoon can be open for touring another museum, or you can explore the architectural wonders of London. Don’t miss out on taking a selfie with Big Ben in the background on Westminster Abbey. Enjoy a choral service in the evening which is free! Arrive early so that you can get an excellent seat and enjoy the heritage of this impressive historic church.

If you are fond of watching plays then you should take time out to catch a play while in London. Many shows are going around including Stomp, Mamma Mia, Lion King, Les Miserable’s, Wicked, etc. You should book your seats in advance so that you can enjoy best seats.

Day 3 in London

You may be eager to start packing early so that you can enjoy as much sightseeing as possible on your final day before you leave town. Below are some options which you can try out to make the most of your final day.

All Day

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

On starting early, you can visit some of the hot spots in London before leaving. The Total London Tour is one of the best choices as you can tour the Buckingham Palace for the famous hanging of the Guard. A guided tour of the Tower of London, pub lunch as well as a cruise on the River Thames is enough to round out your activities. You can sign off with a flight on the London Eye. This is the only best way to see it all with limited time.


By having dinner at the Beigel Bake on Brick Lane you can enjoy your last night in London.

While you plan your adventures, it pays to check out if the place is open or not. You should have a backup plan in handy for outdoor adventures since it can rain anytime in London, but if you plan ahead then your 3 days in London can be amazing! Do you need help planning? Contact reliable travel agents for help!

Commuting Within London

London has one of the best public transport systems in the entire world. You can come across many options for traveling within London such as by Docklands light Railway, by tube, by the airport express, and by boat. London is connected to the suburban towns by overground and national rails and tram. You can use the Oyster card which is an electronic smart card that is used for transportation which is much cheaper when compared with the paper tickets. You can also commute to London via double Decker buses, especially for local sightseeing.

The Climate of London

The city of London usually has cool and unpleasant winters, and warm summers. The summers in London are cooler when compared with those on the continent, but the winters are milder. Overall, London has a temperate maritime climate.

Where To Stay In London

You have planned your tour to London well but have you given thought to the face as to where you can stay? Here are some options which can help you out:

Low-cost Hotel rooms: These are amongst the best booked via a booking agency that specializes in this area. If the hotels are desperate to sell they may provide the agents with 80% discount to sell lots of rooms. In this way, the travel agencies can easily pass on this saving to you for that particular hotel at that times

Cheap Bed & Breakfast: You can also book a cheap bed and breakfast place to stay because the owners are having fewer rooms to rent. You should check if their location is precisely what you want, you could have a room in a private house in Wimbledon for the tennis.

Hostels: They are somewhat different, and tend to have individual styles. If you are looking for a bed for one or two people for a couple of nights then the travel agencies can help you out.

Renting a private room: This is another cheap choice of staying in London means that you are renting a room for yourself but you will have to share the other facilities such as the kitchen or a bathroom with other people. The best thing about private rooms is that they are fairly cheap. Your privacy will be protected. You will, however, have less space than you are accustomed to.

Cheap Take Away Foods To Eat In London

Covent Garden
Covent Garden

While on your tour to London, if you are not in a mood to having a complete meal then you can try this cheap take away:

  • A burger from Haché
  • A chicken bokit from Bokit'La
  • A doughnut from Bread Ahead
  • A hot dog from Herman ze German
  • A lobster roll from Smack Deli
  • A lunch special at Tokyo Diner
  • A mixed box from Kim's Vietnamese Hut
  • A mothership from Pieminister
  • A Reuben special from Monty's Deli
  • A rib meat roll from The Rib Man
  • A salt beef bagel from Beigel Bake
  • A shawarma from Cafe Helen
  • A slice from HomeSlice
  • A slow-roast lamb sandwich from Sticky Beaks
  • A sourdough pizza at Franco Manca
  • Bao from the Bao Bar
  • Lunch special at Sagar
  • Pretty much anything from Silk Road
  • Rare beef pho from Mien Tay
  • Stewed beef daoxiao noodles from Lanzhou Noodle Bar
  • The Hog from Slow Richie's

All of these scrumptious takeaway foods are under £ 10.00

What Should You Pack for a Trip to London?

  • Carry plug adapters
  • Choose your clothing wisely
  • Go through the airline’s luggage restrictions
  • Make a list
  • Make copies of your birth certificate and passport
  • Pack a souvenir bag
  • Pack your carry-on bag with one full outfit
  • Place all converters and electronics together
  • Don’t forget your event-specific attire
  • Take only that amount of luggage which you can carry yourself
  • Three pairs of shoes only
  • Try and carry the smallest suitcase possible
  • Use plastic bags for toiletries

What Else You Need to Know

Serpentine Lake at Hyde park
Serpentine Lake at Hyde park

In the three days we spent in London, we saw many places. We were really impressed with the people in London since they were very polite. They had respect for each other and they showed us so many positive things that made us respect their country. The most important is cleanliness. The city of London is so clean which shows that this is important to them. Much respect for London. All of us had a really fun time there.

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