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...''click faster,''She said.What an intimacy of a subdued quality.Love making had never been so advanced in the history of time.As though it was a logic ambiguity,i saw her hand go behind my pelvis as she brought down the toggle switch in accordance with the set speed of the machine...

To really comprehend the events and articulations of this article,it is indeed a paramount obligation to go back in time and elucidate the modus operandi through which my girlfriend(aged 112),used to intimately gratify ourselves,in terms of sex and romance.A hundred years ago.A century ago.Ten decades ago.Sexual satisfaction was nothing but an act of total tiresome physical activity.Sexual intercourse was nothing but a joule breaking mechanical activity.i remember my woman and having to research of much less tiresome coitus methods with the intention of expelling the grieveances we had to succumb to during coitus.

I remember very well,if my memory is still in its ''youth senses',that time when the internet told us that for one and his partner to reap the true fruits of coitus,one has to position his pelvis forty five degrees in relation to her partner`s 'HONEY''.Believe me when i converse this to you,that was the weirdest thing i have ever done with my wife,well,apart from her sucking my manhhood when i was driving.

There is that particular point in time,when she was seventy four years,that we suggested that taking sex speed pills or tablets would be a strategy to use in order to elevate our libido to its usual "YOUTH STATE".Well,of course it assisted,but the question to answer is;IS IT MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THE NEWLY INVENTED SEX MACHINE?IS IT?...LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,THE ANSWER IS NO.

I am articulating this in relation with what i experienced a century ago.I believe we all know the one truth that;LEARNT EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER.Ok,let us fly through time again and come back to today.Oh my God,sex has never been so easy and facilitated.We see the invention of macines and equipments designed to help(especially the old like me and my wife)the human kind have coitus at ease,especially at such an old age!.With the creation of such of such machines,one does not neccessarily(especially the one on top)have to use "ALL" the energy on the repetition of a reciprocal motion,which we know is the backward and forward motion or downward and upwards motion of the pelvic girdle.The desire to have more speed or velocity in coitus is just controlled by a few toggle switches and buttons.One more point to consider is the one fact that either partners get the chance to control the speed and velocuty of coitus,especially the females,which we all know did not entirely get the priviledge and opportunity a hundred years ago...

Ladies and Gentlemen,i am just demonstarting my imaginative capacity and ability,and have no intentions of offending anyone.I hope you will find time to go through my short story.Thanks in advance.

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Author: Omphile Kesenogile
Well,i am a young man aged 19,who is very ambitious and has a passion for writing.


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