A 100 years from now.

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I sat on the cliff, legs crossed, hands held tight in between . My hair flee to freedom as the gentle breeze passed by. My stomach fluttered at what I dare to think, what I dare to know in advance. What I think will be , a 100 years from now. 

Scientist and technologist will become our gods, to be worshipped for sending us the worlds messiah - machines. Predictions will pass like prophecies when we'll get pretty much of the gossips from future telling machines.  Heaven will be made out of earth. So it would seem. 

As I forsee, altars will be prepared... Oh!  It would seem so old fashioned in a too much of a computerized generation. Eternal bondings of a man and woman will be replaced with contract. And the gays will be. 

The Antactica would be defrozen to the point of obvious warmth. Estates and schools and companies will be built in it. Cities will be built underneath the waters. Earth will wear a beauty man can never describe, and earn praises too heavy for the lips to sing.  Sky scrappers will tower above the skies. 

 a world full of mechanized beings sprawling around in the midst of human. Houses and offices would be carried in our pockets in a fashionable lockets once flipped open it sprouts out like a sunflower at the first breaklight.  Space travelling will be like strolling from the room to the yard. Other planets will become tour centers. 

All disease of kinds will have there cures. bacterial will cease to exist in the cells of human. So much sense that would make man mad and dishonor the one who sees and knows all. Man will forget God. Man will be void of stress and pain and laments and complains. So also Love-True love.

Nature will become too artificial and meaningless. Man will become enslaved by their  pleasure. Ignorance will parade free in the cloak of intelligence. Peace and joy will be but for a short term. How will it be taken if man figures the pain of living too long with the aid of machines wired to the brains and the veins?  The pain of the absence of pains? There will be no true definitions for HARD WORK, SELF CONFIDENCE , DETERMINATIONS and A FIGHTER. Laziness and idleness becomes the watchword. Drones becomes a replace.

Earth will loose her natural beauty. She'll go through a surgery made of man's creations. The grounds will loose fertility as she will be stabbed repeatedly for man to build their dreams on. There literally will be hell in this heaven. Earth will die too soon in this new change. 

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Author: Florence Ezekiel
I am Florence Ezekiel. Born 2000 January 12. I'm from a family of seven and the very first born of the Ezekiel's. I graduated from ultimate pride academy in the year 2016 on the 15 of December. I started writer at age 14, thus far, no publishing yet.
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