a bad dream

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A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,
When he entered the pre examine, he failed. He sang
As this
I dream to be a butterfly
Go every where and fly
See beautiful colors at my eye
Smell good odor thing in the weather
See smart thing every where
Amuse with time with fly in the atmosphere
I dream to be a bee
Travel in places and see
Good flower and immediately be
On it to suck nectar with happy
To convert soon in my abdomen to into honey
That makes all nature good and happy
I want to be a whale
Swim in deep and see all
The swimmers in deep and call
At them as I am stronger than all
Her sister heard him and said
Be Butterfly, bee and whale
That's good but the best, I see
To be a human as you are?
Study hard, to get the dream actual in a way
Help the weak, be clever is the happy
Get good chance and have high degree
Make you famous over the all
They the woman, the boy and the girl say
We must work hard
We must make the heart
Of our nation above the land
In all fields, fly in the sky
As sky get up over and high
See the others on the earth
As stunts and our nation is giant
It must be eternize and be grand
By science, by faith and by working hard
The boy leaves the dream and the play and study hard

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Author: mohamad safan
ai am a writer and have more blogs for children, family,financial and women. i wrote also books at Amazon and lulu publisher. I have books for children and family. i love reading and writing poems and stories. i like nature and green plants. roses and flowers make me happy. i love winter and summer. rains make me happy and fresh air.
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