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In a relationship, if you have to beg, complain and argue is the relationship worth keeping, in this life no relationship should be like this there no need to beg if the person really loves you then he\she will always be present no matter what. A relationship is the makeup of two-person if the other party does not show his concern openly then it makes no sense you stay in it, you will always have heartache, stress with no end even though he\she is a good person.

There once lived a girl her name is koya she lived with her boyfriend Kira but every time something came up like an event or importance things she had to beg Kira to be there even use threats for him to be present, she asked herself “why must I live in this hell hole with a man I have to beg, complain and argue with all the time, what can I do?” Kira was loving but he lacked a few things being a good communicator, being supportive and so on but he never begged her to stay not once no matter how many times she threatens to leave him, to her it’s like he does not care.

Koga got pregnant with a baby for kira they suffered a lot but thank God koga had a good father and a good auntie who was there to help in times of trouble, as the baby got older things got worse between the two and kira was there to take care of the baby while she was young and he was there when the baby needed him but as the months passed kira got a job in a different region where he could only see his family rarely but he end indulging in the thought of only getting money instead he never saw that he was damaging his relationship in every way, koga was patient but the more she complain, beg and argue kira never changed and he never begged her to stay he only wanted to abuse her because of her silly threat which had no meeting behind them at all, you see kira never understood why koga did what she had to do in the end koga took her child and kira never heard from them again until he met koga once again after 10 years, she said hello and the daughter is hello dad then they both went there way in the end it was too late for kira to begged because if he was begging in the beginning and trying then there relationship would have been awesome until the very end.

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