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A hundred years from today’s universe is a seasoned film that can be watched in just a twenty-four day. Hundred years from the earth’s present year is a narrative of the level of peace, security, technology etc. the planet has enjoyed during the past century.

Ideas were made to better the earth and to foster the peace of our dear planet. All humans were working either collectively or individually to make sure their eco-system receive the highest level of peace they can ever think of. Men were working hand-in-hand to create things that would satisfy their wants and ease their works in their own’s special way that they believe will suit and be accepted by their society.

A century ago, all men treated each other equally and create sports and activities that would further boost their inter-relationship with one another. Whites, blacks etc. participate in activities together without the pair criticizing the other of its God’s given and adorable complexion. Items were exchanged for one another so as to meet each other needs neglecting their different mode of communication, dressing, cultures, taboos etc.

The value of life was very high as at the last century. Everyone valued the existence of a creature and detests the kicking the bucket of a creature. Information knowledge and doctrines preaching on illegal taking of a living being life were widely, condemned. Life was more precious than Gold, Silver or diamonds. Traditions encouraging the killing of helpless humans and animals were abolished by the good friend of Africa (The whites) who made them know that they are not good for their societies. This was done by swapping their religion with better religion-called Christianity and education. The Arabs were not left out by providing a peaceful religion to their brothers in Northern Nigeria. By this Africa and the rest of the world that also had their special unique spiritual faith knew a better, civilized and peaceful society. This religious men and women were at peace with each other compared to our present-day universe.

The last century witnessed a little form of pollution due to a few numbers of industries at the particular time and also the non-presence of nuclear weapons and materials that has characterized the present 21st century. These pieces of machineries never really helped the world as they caused more harm than supposed good. Materials were made locally and provided lesser harm to their environment.

There is a wide gap between the level of parental care given to children in the last hundred years compared to this present century. There was limited freedom for any child which helped reduced the spate of violence then.

The  earth would have a move step higher combining the level of peace, cooperation, love and the working of life experienced during the last century with the brainstorming technologies and innovations created in our 21st Century that were deprived of the last century and we would have never heard of terrorist groups and wars in our present generations.



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