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Our world today has modernized enough in providing comfort to the people. People have transportation and communication facilities. Communication has become much easier comparing than past era. You similarly don’t have to wait for the letter to be delivered you can simply send message and get reply within seconds. Burden of work has been minimized by computers.

      Imagining a world after 100 years where robots will be more found than humans. There will probably be flying cars. Robots will be more productive than humans. Many of the world’s problems will either be increased or overcome by the latest technologies. May be the ozone layer will be protected or either people will use oxygen mask. Pollution will be increased. Many diseases will have been cured like cancer. People will have been depended on robots rather than working themselves which will cause further increasing problems.

      There will be both benefits and disadvantages of the modernizing world. The future world will be both beneficial and harmful for the world. May be the ozone layer would destroy and world will be full of water and there will be no world after 100 years or may be with the help of technology people would have transported to some other planets for survival.

      According to some predictions:

According to Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at the Nasa Langley Research Center, saltwater algae that's been genetically modified to absorb more nitrogen from the air than conventional algae could free up to 68% of the fresh water that is now tied up in conventional agriculture. This water could go to thirsty populations.

      Similarly, there are many predictions but they are confirmed. Scientists are still in search of finding a way to travel into the future. Nothing could be said about future lately.

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