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In a hundred years, a lot of things will have undergone change. Of which the most significant is technology which will be so advanced that it will influence a wide range of other aspects of life. Some of these areas which I predict will be affected as a result of an evolution in technology are: the global economy system, education, the medical system, the military field, career opportunities, environmental conditions, researches, politics, transportation system and the human population.

The global economy will take a bold step forward by stabilizing the economy in a way that everyone is financially stable. Poverty will have been eradicated completely, all regions of the world will be developed therefore, there will be no slums and ghettos anymore. The cashless policy will be enforced, cryptocurrency will be utilized instead of paper money and people will no longer move about with stacks of cash in their wallets.

In the medical sector, robots will be designed to diagnose patients, prescribe drugs and perform surgeries. For education, there won’t be any need for classroom learnings as online lectures will be held, webinars and trainings will be accessible online. People will learn from home and acquire variety of knowledge on the internet. The speed of the internet would be so high, loading information in nano-seconds. E-books will be on a higher demands than hard cover notebooks and illiteracy will be minimal.

Technology would also influence the communication systems, health applications will be incorporated into smartphones to allow people diagnose themselves at home before proceeding to take drugs, also, language interpreting software will be available for tourists and other travelers to avoid the stress of having to learn a new language for good communication. Online marketing will be prominent so people will shop more often online and place orders rather than go to a store. Auto drive cars will be available to everyone for transportation, these cars will also be used to deliver items and to run errands.

Job opportunities will be centered mainly on ICT development and trainings. Robots will perform virtually every task including household chores, serving at tables in restaurants and constructing roads, human resources will no more be in dire need. Inventions like the 3D printers will make life easier, people can print their meals at their convenience. More so, the military field will not be left out. Anti- ballistic wears will be made in form of comfortable outfits, scanning goggles which can display human identity based on their database will be used. An increase in surveillance cameras installed in every building and street so as to ensure safety and as a result peoples’ privacy will be encroached upon. A tracking system will also be deployed to monitor every movement.

 With an increase in industrialization and development, we may no longer have green vegetation to purify the atmosphere, deforestation will increase and this will lead to persistent global warming which in turn will bring about increase in temperature. Researchers will also work creating new inventions which will be able to perform psychological and physiological functions such as reading human mind, predicting one’s future, preventing ageing and some other natural occurrences.

The human population will be influenced in different dimensions such as the population size, growth as well as their personality. Robot population will be relatively higher than the human population as a result of same sex marriages, mortality and family planning. Population growth will be on the decrease and the world will have more resources than people. In politics, all countries of the world will practice one form of government, the democratic system will be embraced globally and the young will be allowed to rule with females inclusive.

In conclusion, I think that in a hundred years from now, there will be more comfort than worries and more knowledge than ignorance. It would be a materialization of countless scientific ideas and dreams.


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Author: Nebechi Grace Ezennaya
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