A Day at the Presidential Museum and Library of John F. Kennedy(Nov 23,2018)

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Well, it is the year 2018; Four years since I earned my Master's Degree. A book that I wrote was published in 2017,entitled

Reflections of the Early Hollywood Years. Oh how I missed those years. I decided to visit the Presidential Museum and

Library of John F. Kennedy, because  he was the Commander of Chief of the United States when I came into this world

back in the year 1961. It has been half a century  since the Kennedy Administration was in office. 


A lot has happen since that time concerning myself, not the world,a great many  accomplishments have been made by me

through the Grace of God. However, this essay is not about my accomplishments  since the last half of the century. 

It is about my day at the JFK Presidential Museum and Library in  Boston, Mass.  The day started with a nice long walk,

first through the parking lot,then a nice walk along the waters of the  Bay,to the stairs  of the Presidential Museum and Library

of JFK. I must admit, it was an extraordinary feeling and sight to possess when entering the building.  When paying for 

admission, I spoke to someone who looked as if he were a member of the Kennedy Family. As I entered the Museum and

Library, the artifacts, and memorabilia were actually from that time period in which  President Kennedy was in office until his 

horrific death.(1961-1963)  It should be noted that this is my second visit to a Presidential Library and Museum. The  Museum

gives specific details on the life and  legacy of John F. Kennedy. It starts on the first floor and continues to the third floor,

I believe. The exhibit starts with his Mother and his Father, the Kennedys. The Kennedys were and still are a well-known

American Family who had many businesses and political dreams during the early part of the 20th Century in the 

United States.


It was interesting to find out how John F.Kennedy initially had a different career in mind,before he entered politics. He was a 

lover and student of HIstory. He studied History while completing his undergraduate studies;He visited Russia, I believe,

before World War II broke out. It was after the  War, and when he came back to the United States that John F.Kennedy 

decided to go into politics. He was elected to be a Senator from a district in Boston from which his family and he

have deep family roots and ties there. The Kennedy family is originally from the nation of Ireland.


Notation:  I am not too much into politics; For this paper, my interest in the Late President is basically centered on what

was happening in the United States around my Late Parents, and Family at that time. Of course, my  writings will be based

on what was told to me, researched or experienced, because  I was too young to live the 1960's.

Kennedy's  environment from certain sections in Boston influenced him to run for the office of Senator to represent his

peoples from his own home town in government.  The Museum is definitely a fascinating place to visit. John F. Kennedy's

life is displayed from every aspect that influence him to run for the President of the United States.

Sadly,they do have a small section that details  that awful day in the city of Dallas, back in November 1963 when

John F. Kennedy  was assassinated. What makes the Library and Museum fascinating is the fact that they play

actual "Pop"   music from that time period,  the early 1960's.  Imagine,going back into a world that you never truly

experienced  first-hand.  Seeing the many photos, and film clips from what was happening back  then was amazing.

Looking at a Fresh,Young,Handsome President in the White House, getting his feet "Wet" was something  "Else."

JFK, in that big chair, contemplating what did a young black preacher and Civil Rights activists had on his mind and

in his heart concerning the  struggle for the Negro Race in America at that time. The Late Reverend Dr.Martin Luther King

Jr.   was swept in a whirlwind of "Change."  during the late 1950's, into the 1960's. Dr. King had an Agenda to end

segregation,get voting rights, and liberty and equality for all Blacks and Mankind.


The JFK  Library and Museum also focused on other events that were taking place during the 1960's.  After the Soviet

Union had  successfully put a cosmonaut into Space above the earth, it was the late President  Kennedy who went

before Congress and the United States to make a public  declaration that by the end of the decade(1960's),

the United States will successfully land a Man on the Moon, and bring him back to Earth,safe,healthy,and in a right sound

mind. The project started under his direction, and was completed by 1969;However, the President did not live to see

that Day come. Discontent not to only what was happening to the Negro at that time, but also to the white race as well as 

the human race,Dr.King  continued to fight for justice and equality for everyone. Because of his  struggle, and the

struggle of my  ancestors, I was able to attain some rights that my parents were denied, and  my ancestors.

Because of Dr.King, I was able to receive equal education, have access to facilities that were once  segregated, and to

climb  the American Ladder; Unfortunately, like John F.Kennedy, the life of the Preacher and Civil Rights  Activists

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr was cut short due to an assassination. The Country was left in deep sorrow,but found a  way

to move forward. 


It was during this period that I began to attend grade school to learn the basics of reading,writing, and math. It was fun;

however, this essay is not completely about me,but my visit to the JFK Museum. Another achievement  from the

Kennedy Administration was the halting of the start of a Nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union.

Due to the JFK's foreign policy concerning Cuba, and the Soviet Union, Kennedy and his Administration prevented a

Nuclear War which could have ended the world or started World War III.   The JFK  Presidential Library and 

Museum is full of history and  artifacts. It is an iconic institution that represents the early  sixties, the period that

John F.Kennedy was the President of the United States.




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Author: Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. with a Master's Degree in Business Communications. He is also Chairman of the Board of HSATP Corp. He is currently the author of several books, including chapbooks. For a complete listings of works, please contact Author Anthony Taylor at anthonytaylor196141@yahoo.com


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