A day at your favorite place

Written by William Jerome |

If I had a day to spend at my favorite place where would it be?    

 It would be at 

The chocolate factory  a place where you can try a variety of  white and black chocolate candy bars and pastries cheese cakes, caramel candy, including gift cards on the go. I'd probably stay there until it closes. Just because I have  been urging  to try different kinds of chocolate pastries and  would feel  little  bit more comfortable with a couple or a few friends to cheer me on to buy what I think is necessary plus I think the chocolate factory is a  perfect place to go  for Valentine's day to celebrate your birthday or  an anniversary event .. eating too much would probably make me feel hyperactive as if I. had some energy drinks and  my teeth would be a little loose  from the  delicious cotton candy ,and sneakers bars, lollipops, and smoothies, donuts  strawberry short cakes, oh Twinkies,  blueberry muffins, hmmm love the smell of fresh baked berries in them .. ready to serve I'd probably be the first one to try one fresh off the oven..all because it's one of my favorite pastries .. no offense five at a time no just kidding two at a time would be preferable. Until I'm satisfied

Well I hope my short story was interesting enough to read with the effort of  you putting in some time  that i appreciate, with the insights of how it would be like inside the chocolate factory...

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Author: William Jerome
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