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The cold winter air whips my face as I stroll down the street. Buildings rise before me like tall mountains spiraling from the ground. I see other people, people going about their daily business. Cars slowly advance across the crowded streets. Here I am - downtown Cleveland. I’m walking behind my family, the six of us traveling through the city. We walk into a restaurant on the side of East 4th Street. We are quickly seated inside. We each order our drink and food. Soon, steaming hot plates of pizza and fries, and tall glasses of sweet soda are placed in front of our salivating mouths. We quickly scarf them down, to the shock of the waiter. I check my watch.

“Just in time!” I exclaim as we exit the restaurant. We’re going to make it in time! To what, you ask? The TSO concert! We run over to the Quicken Loans Arena, known by locals as the Q. We stand in a long line, waiting to get in. After what feels like an eternity, we are finally let in. The attendant scans our tickets, and we enter the sprawling stadium. My dad goes to buy drinks and snacks, and we take our seats. My dad makes it back just as the concert starts. The screens onstage light up with visuals, and the spotlights activate, shining a new light upon the stage. The pyrotechnics light up with fire, its luster illuminating the area. During the song Christmas Eve/Sarajevo, a large fixture rises from the middle of the stadium, video shining and fire erupting. It was really cool. After the show, we go to another restaurant. We quickly consume our dinner as we converse about the amazing spectacle we had just witnessed. It was a truly amazing sight. After this, we get into our car and go home, reliving the experience inside our heads. That was an amazing day in downtown Cleveland. I hope that I can experience more.


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Author: Adam Novak
Yo, the name's Adam. I'm just a dude* who really likes to write. Especially about anime, video games, and other nerdy stuff. *Yes, I am male.


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