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My name is Landon Homola and I will be attempting the impossible. On October 1, 2018, I was dared to sneak onto an airplane and travel to Duluth, Minnesota. (My favorite place)

    How was I supposed to board a heavily guarded airplane? Thats the question I've been asking my self ever since I got told to do this. You didn't have to accept the challenge, the logical part of me says. But where would that leave me? They'd say I was scared, but Im certainly not scared. Am I? 

    I barely felt my broken arm as adrenaline went surging through my body. That was absolutely amazing. I can still still the security guards rumbling around searching for me, idiots. I turned around and began heading for the nearest open seat. 

A male voice came over the speakers, "We willl be landing shortly folks, please ensure you don't leave anything behind on your way out, Thank you." Beside me a older man, probably a grandpa, judging by how old he looks, gumbles, "So soon? We've only just left." I sigh, "Sir. We left six hours ago" He adjusts and looks me in the eye, "Whats your deal kid?" I simply turn away hoping he don't see the rage in my eyes. 

I jolt off the airplane as we land, bumping into people as a go, "Sorry!" I would yell. I cant believe I made it to Duluth, Minne- A burly man in a Police Uniform tackles me to the ground, interrupting my thoughts. "You are underarrest for unauthorized traveling and-" he pauses. Adjusting his grip he adds,. "Well, I'm actually not sure. Im a new recruit, and-" A women in a Swat Uniform interrupts him, "Officer Foron, you may go." The man lets go, "Yes, Ma'am." She appoaches smiling down at me, "We got a tip you may try doing such a reckless action." My mind starts going crazy, who told? Kyle, Jame, Tess? Maybe im being paranoid, there is probably a reasonable explanation for this. "Come with me." She finishes, cuffing me.


SO there you have it! A day in my favorite place, It wasn't the best vacation but atleast I learned something right? ....

next time don't get caught.





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Author: Landon Homola
I enjoy writing because I can be totally absorbed in a whole different world of my making.


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