A Day in the Trent River

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Nate woke up, feeling the cold chill flow through the screen door, the sound of birds chirping in the distance which creates a peaceful, relaxing feeling. Stepping out of his bed, he gets a whiff of bacon and eggs from the kitchen. As Nate was eating the limitless meal, he enjoyed the presence of his family while discussing their plans for the day. He and his cousin John decided that they wanted to go explore the Trent River, but while talking, they brought up the idea to explore what was lying at the bottom of the river. Since hearing the folklore of what hid at the bottom, they decided to venture out as soon as possible.

As Nate and John set out on their adventure, John brought up the idea to record them diving and searching for items. As soon as they gathered all their gear, they headed out to discover a part of the river that they had never encountered before. When they first started the search for the items they noticed how grimy the bottom of the river was and how hard it would be for them to find items at the bottom, but they persisted. After a while, Nate heard a yell from a little bit down the river.

“Nate!” yelled John

“Did you find something?” questioned Nate

“Yea come check it out I have no clue what it is,” demanded John

“It looks like an old gun shell” described Nate

“What if its part of a murder mystery,” John said in excitement

Later that day, they did research on what events happened in or around the Trent River and found many stories of people being murdered. The articles said that after they were murdered they would drive away on the river so it was harder for the cops to catch them. They went on to propose the idea to talk to the nearest police station. They decided to go the next day and when they got there the police department had no interest in the old gun shell whatsoever. Until, one of the officers came up to them and discussed how he would take a look at it because a long time ago he was the one to work on the cases that they did research on.

When it was time for Nate and John to head home after the vacation in Canada they hadn't heard back from the officer yet. A few weeks later after they got back, they received a letter in the mail that told them how the gun shell they found was the missing piece to the case from almost 20 years ago. They were shocked and went on to be featured in one of the most popular newspapers in Canada and also had many interviews all over the news.  

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Author: Colin Gillispie
I grew up in a small town in Ohio and attended a private school. Right now I am in a smaller highschool and enjoy playing video games and sports.


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