A few lessons I’ve learned so far from cat sitting

Written by Line Monique Gauthier |
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Cats live in the NOW.

Cats just want you to BE.

Cats have two priorities: LOVE me and FEED me.

Cats don’t care if you’ve gained a few pounds.

Cats don’t care if you’re not wearing makeup.

Lounging will win over exercise and chores every time.

Gracefulness comes by making chilling your #1 priority.

A good stretch can cure anything.

There’s nothing more urgent than showing affection.

Being cute and playful works like a magnet.

Being elegant and mysterious will go a long way.

There’s no greater pleasure than basking in the sun.


Sometimes doing nothing is what it’s all about.


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Author: Line Monique Gauthier
I started writing poetry as a teenager and the passion for it flourished since retiring. I also dabble in photography, watercolour and acrylics. I created what I call Flash Memory Therapy. I am an active member of Haiku Canada and PoetrySoup.com. My poetry is down-to-earth and meant to be understood as opposed to impress with hifalutin words.
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