A Fracture in Time

Written by barrylevy |
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  falling apart

all around me

all around me

       broken bones

       broken promises

spoken in tongues

slings of outrageous

misfortune   and

the emails keep

    coming day

after day shedding

skin after skin

truth after truth


who among us

hasn’t felt the pull?


And all the unwashed

alligator skin

a mosaic

of drying scabs


and scratching

       and scraping

ripping at aging

flesh once soft

and supple now


and coarse

marked with

  spots of time

  the rot of time

the bruised veins

of time where

shrill voices fade

deeper into

the dank hollow

  of a mute and

  and open mouth



But I hear the sirens

ambulances racing

the fire engines

to the rescue

EMTs not far

behind all

ready to give

their lives


ready to

lift you up


onto the stretcher

and strap

you in

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: barrylevy


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