"A girl with an ugly heart"

Written by Komal Amjad |
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Based on a true story. An anonymous girl living with her family, her parents, one brother and one sister. She is the youngest one among her family and always treated with love and care. She doesn't knows how her life soon is going to take a 360° turn. She fell in love with a guy named X who proposed her. Soon she is going to tell her family about him but before that her brother came to know about that guy and misunderstood his sister. This is the time when her heart broke. Her family starts to pressurize her and tries to turn her against that guy. But as she refused to leave him, her family in rage starts finding other suitors. They wanted to get her marry as soon as possible, and what is disturbing her the most is that neither her family trying to get her point nor they believe her. Time passes and she starts hating her family, that family which she love with all of her heart. She was compelled in different ways to marry another suitor and as the war was between her and her loved ones. So, she said yes sadly for another suitor. And now the things changed completely. Her beloved guy named X didn't seek revenge from her or her family, he remained quite and wait for the karma. This entire scenario broke X and anonymous girl completely. Both of them decided a lot of time for mutiny but when there comes a blood relations, u need to remain calm and wait for the nature to take revenge on your behalf. Now that girl is married, I cannot say "happily married" and that X named guy is still unmarried and jobless. People with broken hearts are just spending their lives and waiting for their familie's approval :')

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Author: Komal Amjad
My name is komal Amjad. I have done BA hons in english literature. My writing depends upon my mood and daily activities. I like to write on small things that fascinate my readers because I think writer must adopt the style and things that will make their readers enjoy. I think small things in life matters a lot. I write on them so readers might take notice on them and feel happiness :)


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