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I have a heart to share, and I have the intellegence to know what that means. 

I want to share my thoughts on quotes from books I have read. Lets start with a quote by Ernest Holmes. In his book, Creative Mind, he says "The past is a mirage, and must be accepted as such lest you condem yourselves."  It is easy to see the truth in his words when we stop and think of the many hurts and tragedies that we allow to come into our mind ever so often. And Often it is. In tragedy where someone else may have died we tend to think that if we forget the event then we are somehow betraying the value of his or her life. How wrong we are. When we replay the events over and over on our mind, we bring the event to life again and must suffer emotionally again. Why would we ever want to live through a tragedy again and again? We honor no one's life in personal sufferings. I agree with Holmes on this. Let's stop condeming ourselves. Keep this in mind as I move on to the next quote.

This quote is longer and by U. S. Andersen. He says,  "You are the only one in constant rapport with yourself, and thus you are the only one able to police the thoughts and images you entertain. If you let the image be prompted by something outside you, then you exercise no conltrol over your life, If you accept images only in accord with your desires, then life will deliver your inner goals. In any case, the magnificent promise of the self is this: you can change your life by altering the images in your mind, for what comes to you in the end is only that which you have been accepting in consciousness."

How many times do we accept what others have proclaimed about us? Heartless, fat, lazy, stupid, or whatever other painful words that others have spoken about you, and all of it compiled, even strengthened by our emotional bonds with the speaker.. Ouch!  Do you see now how destructive it is to allow anything or anyone outside ourselves to plant negative seeds regarding who we are, or who we image ourselves to be. 

Let us be kind to others, but to ourselves also.  


Suggested Reading: "The Man Who Knew" by Ralph Waldo Trine


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Author: Catherine Lindsey
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