A Journey from Humans to Wormans.

Written by Paghunda Zahid |

         A journey from Humans to Wormans


"Don't you think this earth is a cage dad? Universe is limitless; we can’t restrict ourselves to this world only. Please let me go with you dad."

Ella was requesting her father Joseph, who was an astronaut, to take her with him. To her surprise he accepted her request, though her mother was not happy with the decision.

In a few minutes, they were in their latest model spaceships, which were small, having room for only one person, and which were moving with half the speed of light.

Soon they were in the space. “universe is wonderful!"

They were exploring the galaxy when she heard her father: "Come back, I'm afraid you will get out of the Milky Way".

"Don't worry dad, I am just….”

Suddenly, she lost contact with Joseph, and  her ship became jerky.

"I am certainly out of Milky Way". She said to herself.

There was an unnoticed force inside the galaxy which had kept everything in order, but now it was hard for her to control her ship. At once, she felt something, everything around her, including her ship was moving with the speed of light to words an unknown thing.

"What is going on?  OMG, Is it a black hole? O' God!

Her ship entered the hole. She started seeing everything from big bank to the end of the universe. Past, present and future, all times were crossing that point. She saw her father searching for her in the space & her mother praying for her safety. By that time her ship burst into flames because of the extremely high temperature. Now she was hanging there, still. Thanks to her super protective suit which protected her from getting fire. She saw countless small particles of light, glimmering like fireflies; somehow she managed to touch one of them. The moment she touched it, she was pushed towards something, she found herself wrapped in something which suddenly uncovered after sometime. She was in the space again, but this wasn't familiar to the one which she travelled through. Instantly, she saw few small space ships approaching her. They pulled her in. She was unconscious by that time.

Ella opened her eyes and was astonished by the beautiful scenery around her. For a moment she forgot everything.  Leaves of trees were of peach colour, so was the colour of grasses. Tree trunk was of dark yellow colour. Area was covered with mountains. Water Rivers of dark purple colour sprung out of different places, running downward noisily, giving life to fields.

"Indeed, it's a site to be seen and not to be described”.

"Apologies my Lord!" someone whispered.

Ella looked behind and found a large crowd of worms staring at her. One of then spoke again.

"Why are you here Lord? Did we make a mistake?" Are you here to punish us?

Ella was getting nothing.

“You are beautiful", another one spoke”.

Ella was trying to recover from the shock, "Are you kidding? Worms!  Worms can speak, really! Where am I?

"We are Wormans. I'm their king. This is our planet 'Rasmas' and yes we can speak, our astronauts brought you here" he pointed towards a group of worms.

O' I see, worms developed the way human developed on Earth, Interesting.

Ella realized that the Apple green color sun was sitting, while it was rising when she woke up. You have such a small day.

"Would you like to have something, you woke up after one year?" the king asked.

"What! What are you saying? One year?? Time must be fast here". She said.

They have already built a beautiful big palace for her. She was served with small insects.

Food of Wormans was grass and insects, they were 3, 4 feet in height while 1, 2 feet in width. Ella was impressed by their harmony, manners, family system, and their love for each other. There were many kinds of worms but all were living in perfect peace and harmony.

They were quite knowledgeable in the fields of physics and chemistry but zero in other sciences. Ella made a team of best astronauts, to find a way back to earth. They were working day and night on it.

It was Ella's 2nd month, king left her throne for her. All of Ella's old friends had died as their average life span was 50 years. One day to Ella was 1000 days to them. All of them would die in two days on Ella's calendar. She decided to do some research on them to increase their average lifespan. She opened many research centers; she taught them whatever she knew. She also took revolutionary steps in agriculture field. Wormans were aware of sowing grasses, nothing else. She created many new seeds in her lab and planted them which grew up into something like wheat but it was softer, as wormans were having small and weak teeth.

In her fourth year, she totally changed the "Rasmas" and it's residence. Their small limbs have grown longer. Now it was giving a look of hands and legs, because Ella was teaching them how to use it, so that it would end up in a revolution of perfectly developed hands and feet. Revolutionary steps in the field of medicines and agriculture have raised their average life span up to 100 years by now.

Everything was going well until the "Mosaic day".  A day which will always be remembered in Rasmas' history.

It was Ella's 6th year. Silk Wormans have made a beautiful dress for her on Mosaic day; it was made of pure silk and peacock's feathers. She was sitting on her beautiful crown, everyone was singing and dancing. Suddenly the planet shook up with a huge blast, followed by a second one. After which some spaceships landed. Ella was shocked. Thousands of worms died, other were running and hiding to save their lives. Ella saw an advance form of apes coming out of the ships.

"Here comes the future human" Ella exclaimed.

They started killing  Wormans, and looting Rasmas' wealth.

"Wormans can't defend themselves, I should have taught them self defence, silly me! I need to do something now. Apes cannot be smarter than a humans." Ella motivated herself.

She went down and shouted, to get the Apes' attention, then she took a stone and hit them, they all started running from all directions to kill her. As they arrived, Ella quickly climbed on a tree and they all collided with each other. That was the first blow. Ella has time to assemble Wormans.

"Wormans this is your home, you can't let any outsider take it from you. You will die either way, so why not to die doing something greater than you. Remember, no one is powerful, unless they think they are! No one is weak, unless they consider the enemy weak. You have your knives, you have stones, use them. Come on! Follow me" she said.

With that Ella started throwing stones on Ape. All wormans at once started doing that.

Ella knew this method won't hold for long. It was almost night time. She took a knife and started stabbing them. Apes were unable to see her and defend themselves.

She killed dozens of them. Wormans also followed her. Ella felt tiredness.

"So it's the end, I'm going to die today on a foreign planet. O' dad, mom I have missed you so much. I was about to come to you, it took a long time to discover Earth, but we did it. I can take a ship and come to live with you but I can't leave these innocent beings in this condition. l will help them, If I survive, I will come to you",  with closed eyes, she was saying it loud.


As the shining warm rays of sun fall on her face, she stood up on her feet, aiming to find the leader. She saw a big group of Apes around A big Ape. "It must be their leader but how to I kill him"?

She smiled, when she thought of an Idea. She put some kerosene oil in a bottle, covered herself in a black cloth and secretly hid near them. Wisely, she Poured oil around them and lit fire. They all started running. This was the time when she grabbed the leader, he resisted but she instantly stabbed him in his eye, then in heart, again and again before anyone noticed. She then yelled:

"Your leader is dead, now I will kill each and every one of you. I'm goddess. Can't you see? Wormans!"

Hearing this Wormas attacked Apes with full might, Ella also started killing them. To save their lives, they started running back to their ships, and left Ramsams.

Entire breed of Wormans bowed down before Ella but she stopped them by saying that she is not any goddesses.

"I'm happy and excited to tell you that after nonstop efforts of 7,000 years, we have finally identified a way to travel to Earth of Milky way galaxy. Choose a new king or queen for you. You people are the nicest creature I ever met.

Don't ever leave your planet. Live with your loved ones. There are lots of things that I don't like about humans, but at the same time, there are lots of things that I love about them, esp. my parent's love. I'm leaving tomorrow, you all will be missed Wormans". With this she broke into tears. The whole planet wept. She loved them, they loved her more but it was not her home. She had to leave.

It was seven years and one month since Ella was brought here. She wanted Adventure in her life, she wanted to explore new worlds, and she experienced all these things. She was queen a queen here, but she was a princess of her parents too.

And most important you are happy when you are accompanied by someone like you. Ella was lonely there, but she was going to live with the love of her life, her parents.

Wormans bade her farewell. Her ship landed on Earth. She rushed to her home. Everything was changed except her parents. She was expecting the same happiness and light in their eyes when they saw her. They hugged and promised not to go away from each other again.

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Author: Paghunda Zahid
I am a student. I am in love with fiction. My biggest ambition in life is to be a tremendous writer.


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