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In the NEW INDIAN EXPRESS – a English daily, in his supplement Edex, carried an article on TARINI on July 30th 2018. It brings about how a team of six girls go around the globe in 254 days. It’s an all women crew from India that circumnavigated the globe in INSV Tarini. The name was given after the famous Tara Tarini temple in Odisha. The crew had three years of training under Captain Dilip Donde, the first Indian to Circumnavigate the globe solo in 2010. The team received Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017. The INSV Tarini was built by Aquarius shipyard in Goa. It is about 56 feet long and has six sails.

In a mission called NAVIKA SAGAR PARIKARMA, they braved turbulent waters to circumnavigate the globe and became the first all women crew in the world to create this record by travelling 22,000 nautical miles. To know more about the mission, reach out to indianavy.nic.in

The team of Tarini teach us a lot and presents a practical example of bravery, courage, determination, team spirit, positivity &confidence.


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “”I’m possible!””


This is a great success for all the women in the world and the moment to realise the women power. A life lesson to all the women out there to let their daughters grow and


Treat your daughters well and never create any bias

Let them speak out about their career dreams

Build confidence and positivity in them

Help them to follow their passion

Strengthen them to face problems fearlessly


Happily enjoy with them the taste of success.




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