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Cinematography is an art of making a video motion clip out of still images. It is equivalent to videography, but it is typically edited to add background music and unique styles. The result is an animated video clip of photographs. This method is unique in its own way and creates terrific experiences for events, such as weddings.

Cinematography maybe termed as a way of telling a story in motion photographs. This enables the editor to add various effects to the storyline as well as text to explain the happenings. As much as it may seem similar to standard videography, you will appreciate the fact that cinematography incorporates several aspects of filming which results in a custom and unique storyline for your event.

Purpose of Cinematography

Cinematography mainly is for showing different elements of a photo shoot in a collective and more entertaining way. Different shots of photos are applied in a single scene which makes it more captivating as compare to a still photo which just focuses on one object. Cinematographer knows how to use the different lenses to each scenario depending on the emotion and the purpose of the scene. In a wedding scenario, the cinematographer may make a storyline of all events in summary for of the best moments ever. This storyline brings the event out lively to anyone who will be watching later in the sense that it incorporates relevant music background and text explaining the scenario after editing has been done. The wedding will always be live in the sense that anyone watching the produced storyline feels as if they are inside the moments due to the variation of the moods which are achieved by the lighting, music and angle changes of the photo. The cinematographer knows where to put an emphasis, for example, where a close-up shot is taken to give detailed information.

Videographers will take the whole event in motion and maybe later edit it to a certain length. This may be boring to watch at times. Just think of the whole event being told as if you are reading a storybook while at the same time the imagery vision of what you are reading is playing across your eyes. It makes your wedding very interesting to watch later both for you and any other person who could not have been there. With good cinematography, your wedding is always live whenever you want it.

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