Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.V

Written by April Belin |
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Bear runs with more than a growl as Amnesia runs with Katana above her head. The growl they hear at first comes with fear Amnesia detects yet smells and feels beforehand. Which comes within her leap as Amnesia and Bear then become as one. The halo gram of Bear turns back into a tattoo on her chest while she leaps with fierce and furious eyes Her stomach growls as the villain punches in his time card. Little did he know. Katana massacres and beheads the Villians shifting noggin. Usually, the last thing they hear and see while she lands ballerina-like after her triple spin is beautiful yet masterly done. Although not quite as a ballerina, more like silent yet with a deadly force. Her palms tattooed with a single feather come to aide her when she needs. For on the left of her backhand the tattoo is a force field that builds in diameter of her body, protecting Amnesia. On her right backhand, the feather makes a change in the weather. If she needed air, water, earth or fire. Amnesia has the ability for her own or to use on some tired assailants. Amnesias' superpowers are unique. No matter what, she made the feathers dance daily. Her moccasins had a mind of its own as well, adapting within her surrounding needs. While she's fighting and saving nightly her mocassins she runs with. Amnesia conquers more than this, that, here on Amnesia's Nightly Massacre PT.V

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Author: April Belin
April LaDawn Belin , 33 yrs old, Native American of the Navajo Nation from Na'ah'teeh Canyon, Az .Pursing a career as an International Writer/ Poet/ Illustrator/ Lyrics/Scripts/Screenplay/Holiday Cards/Photographer I reside in Holbrook, Az . Creating an illusion with words and drawing can't describe how much it's very much part of my life . I enjoy daily , to express my one of a kind creations.
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