Amnesia's Nightly Massacre Pt.VII

Written by April Belin |
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Amnesia has an older sister Angel 27 quiet, smart and a Mama. Brains of most of the operations she taught as Amnesia acquired. What Amnesia lacked in superpowers Angel and Malaya picked up. Angel could read minds, become invisible, freeze time, time change, space travel, hypnotize, as well as tripling her identity. Nothing nice, she is always there to finish Amnesia's sentences. Her baby is nothing nice at 5 yrs of age. Her eyes turn red when she gets upset and fire appears under your foot or in her hand. Don't get that baby mad. Malaya a mere image of her mama has both Amnesia' s and Angel's superpowers yet shes the first Navajo Baby Superhero, don't get her mad. Little did Malaya know of magic she would soon possess within time. Herbs started putting together with berries and barks as she was becoming more and more like a medicine woman she was. She put together weapons intuitively and put her herbs together for the first aide not knowing what she was doing. When she was needed she appeared with the wind. Malaya naughty but nice to make villains dance with fire except for her Mama and Amnesia. Nothing bypassed Angel's cause, of course, she reads minds. This always makes Malaya mischievous yet shes still learning her powers so she played with whoever crossed her path. As soon as her eyes turn red you'd better watch out. Malaya giggles and follows her Mama and Amnesia on this, that, here AMNESIA'S NIGHTLY MASSACRE PT. VII

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Author: April Belin
April LaDawn Belin , 33 yrs old, Native American of the Navajo Nation from Na'ah'teeh Canyon, Az .Pursing a career as an International Writer/ Poet/ Illustrator/ Lyrics/Scripts/Screenplay/Holiday Cards/Photographer I reside in Holbrook, Az . Creating an illusion with words and drawing can't describe how much it's very much part of my life . I enjoy daily , to express my one of a kind creations.
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