An Imaginary Friend

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Jane was a little girl that lived in the country, she never had any friends as there were no children                 near where she lived

She was seven years old when she wished that she could have at least one friend to play with. That was when she found a friend. She was an imaginary friend called Sally. with a whimsical smile and a ponytail and the same age as Jane. But to Jane, she was real and fun to play with. They went everywhere together and shared each other's secrets.

Jane told her mother that she had a new friend. Her mother said how nice for her and that she would like to meet her friend.

Jane told her mother that when she sees her friend the next day she would bring her so they could meet

Well, next day when she came she said mother I would like you to meet Sally. Well, of course, her mother could see no one. But Jane said to her mother that Sally was standing right next to her.

Being an imaginary friend of course her mother could not see her and she said to Jane I’m to busy to play games with you. So Jane said to Sally lets go and play down by the pond. And so off they went. They chased each other around laughing and then decided to play hide and seek.

Jane ran and hid behind a tree, her friend quickly found her. They were always happy playing different games all day.

This went on until Jane was twelve when suddenly one-day Sally was no longer there. Well, Jane looked everywhere but could not find her.

The next day some new people moved in next day and had a daughter the same age as Jane. They both became good friends from the first day.

Jane never again saw Sally but played with her new friend every.

You see Sally knew she was no longer needed and went on to be friends with another little girl who was lonely with no friends.

How many times do children need imaginary friends to grow up with until they are no longer needed?


R. Taub Jan. 13, 2016

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Author: Bob Taub
I am 84 years old and have been writing for over 60 years. My specialty is poetry as well I write one page stories for children. I also write jingles. Although it is not connected to writing I have been a Psychic for about 50 year now. I have just published my third book in June of this year.


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