April 1st, 2020

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   The COv-19 virus, and the future of our planet are my topics today. I am very worried about the future of mankind. So far, I have been able to reduce any anxiety I feel, but I still wonder how long that will last. Once a week, I give myself a "Day Off" from all the news. I use this time to read, play games with family, enjoy a family dinner. The whole house honors this "Day Off."

   Not sure how interesting this might be, but... I seen a youtube video that was posted about a year ago, it was a modern day prophet (so called) his title is Prophet Emmanuel, out of Africa. On three separate occasions he predicted the coronavirus pandemic. He said it came from the oceans. (He may be right about that!) I am curious to see what may come of the Navel ship, USS Comfort. A medical military vessel sent to New York from Norfolk VA. It was out in the ocean for three days... so... I am watching to see what may occur there. It will not be used for patients with the virus, but instead, those with other medical conditions that landed them in thie hospital. 

Regarding the ships that have been at sea....I am appalled! Two commercial curise liners sit off our coast and are not allowed to dock because they have several cases of the virus, and a growing number of dead people. The same is to be said about our Navy's USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier.. Again, they are not allowed to dock because of the number of cases that have tested positive for the virus This is the type of news that raises my anxiety levels... I pray a lot. But what to pray for... so much, so many dying. and no sign of anything getting better.

Life on Earth in 2020 has become very much like living inside a science fiction story. I read a story a long time ago... I think it was by H. G. Wells. It was about when the Earth became uninhabitable to mankind, so they built domed cities above the Earth, about a quarter mile up. Initally, the older people died because of a virus, yes, and those that survived built these cities in the sky. After about seven years, a 12 year old boy determined he wanted to go explore the Earth, so he snuck down when mechanics went down to service the air ventalators, and it turned out to be a safe enviroment for people to reside on Earth once again. 

Does anyone else worry that this virus may demolish the entirity of mankind? I do. In order for life to continue on Earth, someone will have to provide for and protect the small children who may have been able to live through the virus. Of course, it has been determined that the young adults in our society are just as much at risk of dying from this virus as are older adults. Healthy people are dying!!! Young and healthy. Doctors are dying, and they usually have very healthy lifestyles. Now they have determined that when a person, young or old, healthy or not, but when a person is exposed to virus multiple times, the virus they contract grows inside them in proportion to the number of exposeures they have had. I pray that not all our healthcare workers will die, yet.. who knows... Okay, enough said for the moment.

Take good care out there. .

Say your prayers.

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Author: Catherine Lindsey
I live in the United States. I have always aspired to be a good writer.


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Card image cap M.L. Kiser - There's a lot of contradictory information out there about the Pandemic. I believe we'll get through it and pray that a vaccine or pill will be developed. You are wise to not listen to the news every night; I do that too. Blessings.

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