The Outstanding Story of Leonid Afremov's Life

Written by Leonid Afremov
The paintings of the outstanding Belarusian artist Leonid Afremov were written in the best traditions of impressionism, however, they are an incomparable phenomenon of fine art. His works are renowned all over the world and are easily recognizable for their striking color accents Read More

A Strange Request at a Piano Bar

Written by Anthony Taylor
Is it awkward to ask an artist a strange request at a paino bar to be played? I eat apple,you eat apple, everyone eat apple;anyone and everyone can request a song to be played at the piano. From juvenile to senior citizen, people love to hear a song played with music and lyrics. A Strange Requ Read More

Two consciousness

Written by Nathan Munroe
                                            Where am I?  This place that sound does not exist, and the continuous darkness that Intends on swallowing me whole!    &nb Read More

L'évasion de l'artiste

A lattice of brown: umber; burnt sienna; hickory. All looped and woven between each other until they became a celling; a way to keep the rain out. Not that he saw it that way. The points created by the rendezvous of the wooden planks formed a hexagon with a crest that reached high into the Parisian Read More

The purpose

Written by Juliana Lici
I was running endlessly trying to escape from something I don’t remember and immediately I heard a bullet noise. I woke up. It was 4 am. I always see nightmares when I’m worried and anxious. As a shy person, since childhood, trips had always made me nervous, maybe because of the fact Read More

Book Review Of The Watchmaker And Time By Devang Kanavia

The watchmaker and time by Devang Kanavia is a book about Pedro’s love for watches. Devang Kanavia is a story-teller who became a Book Seller even with his first book.  Being himself a perfect coach, and mastered in notable speech, he rendered his work with versatility through science and Read More

My Dream Partner

Written by Al-Hassan Jimoh
He walked towards the stage as the crowd stood uproar in applause.  I watched as he climbed the stairs gleefully as I lost in meditation that I didn’t know everyone else had sat down except for me who was still stirring at my high school crush.I had always dreamt about him proposing to me Read More


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