A History of the Omelet

Omelets are so convenient. Gather some leftover ingredients, throw them together with a few eggs - and hey presto! A meal ready to serve. That very convenience and simplicity makes it hard to pin down their exact origins. Yet, it’s certainly possible to go over some of their history. In fa Read More

Holiday Gathering Scents

Written by M.L. Kiser
thanksgiving is a time of gatherings and luscious smells.   ham and turkey with succulent, sauces and tasty pumpkin pie.   everyone chats over hot buttery rolls; full belles smile.   Copyright, M.L. Kiser, 2020 Read More

The Breadruit Feast

Written by Austin Mitchell
The Breadfruit Feast a short story by Austin Mitchell     Nanko dipped his spoon into the bowl of cornmeal porridge and took up another spoonful. He ate it and then put some more ackee and saltfish onto the hard dough bread. He made a sandwich with it and bit off a huge piece. Th Read More

Grocery Grab

I think I was stood up last night. It’s hard to say on a first date that I did confirm more than a little late in the day. I had good intentions of honouring the invite I  simply don't see the need to confirm and reconfirm, I never have. It’s a facebook messenger date, but a fel Read More

I love salad

Written by Amber Castro
I can't wait to eat that salad you're makin' With crunchy croutons and loads of bacon, Creamy ranch and loads of cheese. A side of crusty french bread, please. I love salad, with out a doubt. (But could you leave the veggies out?) Read More

Excellent Wrap Of Cireng

Written by Taupik Sodikin
In Indonesia especially in Bandung, there is a unique cheap food that we call it cireng. It is made of tapioca flour and it is so loamy. Someday I was working in my grandfather store in a market of Jakarta, and there was a cireng seller near the store. I'm not really hungry that time and also I& Read More


Written by Jekami Adetiloye
Growing up on the streets of Lagos,Nigeria- I have always believed that I am a GOAT. I mean, I can be very stubborn at doing something;no matter how well you scold me,demoralise or emotionally, negatively attack me,I just never give up. This earned a even more glorious title of the GOAT;one defin Read More

Hotdogs For Dinner

  His lovely bride was no cook, tried she might He labored on construction till the night He worked up a heck of an appetite Rushing on home, must have missed every light   Kicked off his boots as he held her so tight Leisurely asked what’s for dinner tonight Read More


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