I'm Just Trying to Bedazzle

Written by Eva McDonald
The cheapest glue in the smallest tube. And yet the "crazy" "fast-acting" "SUPER glue" ends up where I do not need it. Between my fingers, under my nails. However, no one has ever said gluing sequins is easy. Or is there a trick in which,  I do not know Read More

Acronyms In Poetry

SSPWBIA - Someday soon, Poetry would be in Acronyms LOL - Laugh out loud BAG - Busting a gut WYBAG - With your big applaudable grin WE - Whatever WABOC - What a bunch of crap YMS - You might say TIITYT - This I introduce to you today LBOS - Little bit of swagga LBOSW - Little bit of sw Read More

No Hurries

Written by Mike Shoemaker
Mother fell and broke her left femur and she spent some time in a rehabilitation hospital in Midland, Ontario. I was up for a visit and sat down to eat dinner with her and some other residents in the dining room. As we waited for delivery of the cart with the food trays I looked across the table Read More

My dream Lover

Written by Daniel Uchendu
My dream Lover.   Sometimes I deal with myself leaving my self in deep thoughts, behind my closed eyes. I see her in my prayers, that moment I'm talking to God;   'Oh Lord, I have a pain in my butt, to pay my depths, to have big money, to spend on people, to furnish my Read More

The Wilderness

Written by Omar Mohamed
THE WILDERNESS By: Omar Mohamed I slowly got up feeling like a brick hit me in the back of the head. As I got up I started feeling light headed and almost fell on the floor. After gaining control I started walking around yelling, “HELLO!? CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME!?” A couple of meters a Read More

Two Fags and a Dead Guy

Written by Stephen McLean
TWO FAGGS AND A DEAD GUY by Stephen McLean Harold Peterson, rummaging through the drawer of a very old and stained wooden coffee table, pauses. He stands upright stretching, his back cracking with age. “Can't find a damn smoke in the whole damn house”. Reaching, Read More

The night that turned to shit...literally

Written by Laura Byrne
Okay, so a few months ago my family and I adopted these two beautiful border collie puppies. Their names are panda and Franklin and I love them so very much. They are the reason I get up early to walk them, they are the reason I stay up late at night to play with them, and I know suspect they are ve Read More


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