Major Forms Of Prose

The following are the major form of prose:   Long Prose-works Examples of The Great prose works and their Authors- ROGER ASCHAM – THE SCHOOL MASTER SIR THOMAS BROWNE- VULGAR ERRORS DAVID HUME- HISTORY OF ENGLAND JOHN ARBUTHNOT- HISTORY OF JOHN BULL   Read More Translation: Understanding Language

Written by Michael Henry
Language is a wonderful thing, the prime means of communication with our fellow humans. But languages, or different ways of expressing the same thing, can cause untold problems for those who send or receive these messages. For that is what conversation is – a stream of messages back and forth Read More

Young god, a Hoary Man.

Written by Daniel Uchendu
At my age I don’t need stress. Certain, I’d slept. I woke up and the brightness of day to my eyes came like fade-in while my eyelid grew up to appreciate light that rose clearly. A huge bird I’ve not seen before snaffled me and we began to travel in the air. How did I slee Read More

The Difference: Brazilian vs Portugal Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese and European Portugal Portuguese are extremely close languages. The differences between the two are similar to the variation between American English and British English. While these are basically the same language, there are acute differences between the version used in Brazil Read More


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