Their flight out of Nigeria took off hitch-free as they set their destination to India, the free markets of magic, and the magical neutral grounds. India as a neutral ground they heard, accepted all kinds of creatures of magic, both the vile and the good, slave and the free, to tread its lands wi Read More

OVER FIELDS OF MARIGOLD: a sunset lullaby

  Hush little baby, my little chickadee Listen you’ll hear the symphony As I gently rock my baby to sleep Counting sheep with Little Bopeep   Singing you this lullaby my dear Whispered softly in your ear The sun sets with colours of gold Over swaying fields Read More

I Come Here

  I come here to talk Make a point to arrive particularly early So I can soak in that calming atmosphere The soothing music is peaceful Absorb it all with each deep breath I close my eyes to unwind Clear my head Quiet my heart Dissolve the knots and Read More

The Last Bird From The Golden Age Of Ghazals

Music crosses borders of nations and oceans and reaches hearts of human beings in strange lands. God stands just behind those who sing, so close, that we will wonder who actually sings. Ghazals are Nature's wonderful creations in which the purest of passions, emotions and feelings are stored Read More


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