Aww Pity me

Written by William Jerome |
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Aww Pity me if you only knew

Like I knew my hair is 

Full of blood sweat and tears ,made you vomit

til today I embarrassly stand 

From enough bearing beating 

Smell rising up from thy

cactus bed plant M.L.K

Haven't said nothing sudden

Let me go aww Pity me. How 

Long shall I sacrifice thy Pity

For those in thy gutter corner's  aww Pity me a piece 

Of bread is  my jewel aww Pity me

I've seen dark skies even without aggressive

 beating as dark shadows aww Pity me the light

Is always in the heart -  joy fills 

Me up and faint  aww Pity me I wouldn't trade it for nothing aww Pity me an lay my tears  to sleep un Pity me





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Author: William Jerome
Hi my name is William and I like to write all different kinds of music poetry writing about cars CPU and much more ive listening to music all my life and like to collaborate with different artists if possible I spend most of my time listening to music and videos I like country rap jazz blues RandB world music also what makes music so unique
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