Barbecue In Frisco

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Barbecue in Frisco is a short but lovely tale.
when we were kids our family took a trip to San Francisco.
We drove in the 1965 Impala that my father had just purchased and it was so much fun, lots of throwing up,
farting and laughing, and of course fighting.
Same family stuff. Well about the barbecue it turns out that for lunch my. 
father took us to a butcher shop he gave the butcher specific instructions.
on how he wanted his cuts of meat cut. they had to be Argentine style, I never understood, but it was fun.
We ended up on a public park and proceeded to have a barbecue.
Here is the funny part. Kind of cruel and facetious all the bums was smelling this incredible meat parade.
and even going up to my dad and saying ummmm sssssssss smells good.
It was a little uncomfortable eating in front of these starving losers, oh oh, I mean poor soul, but listen a boy has to eat. 
This story may not be funny to anyone else but it was funny to me. I guess you just had to of been there,
I remember how very happy we all were, you know no one can take that away from us, it was a true moment in time My precious childhood when we were a family on a picnic just making memories 

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Author: Marc Acrich
Marc Acrich, a poet His writing tackles love, social issues, history, the sweetness of life, and heartaches.


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