Beautiful chaos

Written by Misty Bird |
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It feels as if though

No matter the distance between, nor the time of day

Even year for that matter

Sense of the bond that lays between us

Chaos unseemly beneath our feet

To my recollections is what had us

It is Undeniably Circumstantial

Face to face in the midst of it all

In the view of the eye something so small could make the greatest impact

Which leads me to the belief 

The very thing will bring us back

Written in black and white time is not on our side

They say time is what will make us gold

As of now its evident that unfortunate circumstance

Has threw us on opposing sides of the universe

We work well in disater my as well say natural habitant

You separated me from what i tgought was inevideble

You inspired me to look past myself which my outlook on life 

Altered my perception

What i see, You are precious that i hold deeply

From the moment i layed eyes on you. Until the very next

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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Misty Bird
Im 21 years old, I currently live in canada "murder capitital" is where i was born and raised. Im struggling with a learning disability and i always noticed i have a passion for a way with words except when it comes to putting it on paper thats where i struggle. Im hoping the more tasks and diversity of writing i will overcome it.


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