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"Tess.." I murmur slowly drifting out of consciousness. As a reach up to touch her a spasm of pain shoots up my side. I grunt falling on lush green grass. 

"It's not safe here Mal." I can hear the urgency in her. "We can't keep stopping like th-" she stops abruptly as if just now realizing were here because of her. "Im sorry," she whispers, pulling my chin up to meet her gaze. I turn slightly unable to see her like this. 

"I know Tess, It's not your fault." She lets out a dry laugh, "We both know thats not true." She zones off, seeing something I can't. 

(Should I continue with this story?)

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Author: Landon Homola
I enjoy writing because I can be totally absorbed in a whole different world of my making.


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