Beneath The Cat Willow

Written by M.L. Kiser |
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The willow blushes in the Sun’s caress,

such a colorful personality lending its’

ambiance to the greenwood.


Tiny catkins peek from morning bud-beds

to greet the dawn of this tangerine day;

willow celebrates the natality.


Her roots run deep, like ancient

ancestors spirits bestowing their

care as she drinks of the dew-laden ground.


I sit beneath her verdigris canopy, watching a

diligent squirrel build its’ nest on a branch and

realize Mother Nature’s profound love for her offspring.


Copyright, 2020, M.L. Kiser

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: M.L. Kiser
I've been writing since I was around 12 years old; have many poems and love reading poetry, as well. I've had children's stories published and several poems. I had two short stories published in an anthology in 2019. I also enjoy writing articles and short stories. Please peruse my work and I hope that it brings into your life, something wonderful.
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