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    Emily Bronte needs no bigger introduction for the people who are associated with field of Literature. She is one among the Bronte sisters. I quote ‘’In Emily Bronte there is both force and distinction, and that to a remarkable extent, slight as is the body of her work.””

*Emily was a poet as well as a novelist of Victorian Era. Her works were fascinating and power of passion swept through her writings.

  *The position of Emily Bronte’ in English literature is indeed unique. She was the only one of the Bronte’ sisters whose verse has directly the touch of genius.. The famous LAST LINES assuredly touch that level.

*Emily rarely wrote a stanza that has not the touch of fine poetry in it. Such poems  as  A little while, a little while, the weary task is put away; Rememberance; Shall Earth no more  inspire thee; The Linnet in the rocky dell – to mention a few.

 *Emily was a tall striking looking woman and still more reserved than Charlotte. In Charlotte’s SHIRLEY, the heroine Caroline was modeled on Emily.  ‘’In the bleak solitude she found many and dear delights,” wrote Charlotte, “and not the least and best loved was liberty. Liberty was the breath of Emily’s nostrils, without it she perished.”

 *WUTHERING HEIGHTS was just published when Emily was taken ill, and died of  consumption in December 1848.

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