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Amalia, from German, started her visit to the United States from Florida because it was the first place visited by Christopher Columbus, European. She landed at Miami airport. It was getting dark. The first thing she observed on the way to her hotel is the beam of light coming from the Cape Florida Light. The lighthouse was emitting light at a certain frequency of time. Next morning she first went to visit the same lighthouse. Many people were waiting for the opening at 10:00 am. A woman guide came on time and started to explain about the lighthouse. It was constructed in 2021 that time oil lamp was used for lighting. In 1992 it was renovated and electronic lighting system was put which blinks alternately in 5 seconds. Amalia could visualize the lighting system when the guide explained. After the explanation, the Lighthouse opened for observation. One time only 20 people could go in and climb up. There were about 50 visitors.

Amelia started to take photographs from various angles highlighting eight of lighthouse and backgrounds. She observed a woman with an attractive face and remarkable dress sitting in a chair and looking around. She looked like an idol in the first appearance. She moved her eyes around and observed that many people were also looking at here, occasionally. It was like a lighthouse limiting unseen light at the base of the real lighthouse on the day. People were attracted to her but unable to see continuously because she was also looking around and vision would crash often.

Amalia pointed a man in the corner on the other side of track under the shade of the trees and sitting on a log of tree. There was a writing pad in his hand and look like making some sketch. The man was looking at lighthouse tower from time to time. Amalia went around and reached behind the artist. Attractive women were on the side in between tower and artist. Artist was absorbed in his artwork. He was looking at lighthouse and background he is covering in his sketch. Amalia looked at artwork, sketch on art paper (A4 size) with a pencil. Artist applied pencil, rubbed eraser when he needs to erase or show white color within the black one. He rubbed with a cotton bud for blending. In the sketch, there was a tower, tress on the base as it appeared and that Idol woman. He ignored other people waiting for the next round.   Amalia noted that the position of the woman was the same with hairstyle and dressing but the face was blank. She guessed that face would be completed at last. Hence, she went around and came back on the back of the artist after some time but the face was still blank and he was doing detailing in another area. At the right corner, there was a signature, "Ambar". Amalia wanted to take a photograph covering artist his artwork, and the real scene he covered in his art. After moving here and there she found a position and angle. Sunlight was striking to the right face of the artist, but a shade on woman but face was still visible and the tower was on light.

The first round of visitors came back and the gate opened for the next group. That typical woman moved but Ambar remained with his artwork. Hence, Amalia decided to go up in next turn and observe artwork.  Women could not enter because there were already 20 people ahead of her. Ambar never filled up face and joined last round of visit to the tower. Amalia wanted to talk to women while they were looking around from the top of the tower. She came closer and said, " Hello". Women said, "Hi"

"I am Amalia from German? "

" I am Fen from China"

She also wanted to talk to Amber but she did not notice when he went down. On the ground, she did not see Amber around.

Amber listens to the conversation between Amalia and Fen on the tower. He looked around and down to see water. Tower was located at the bank of sea. Water in the sea was crystal clear and sand bed visible beneath the water. The wave of water was sprinkling sunlight. Water little away from the bank was blue. Amber recalled his science class when his teacher was teaching about light. Water absorbs red light and reflects blue as a result water looks blue.  Water little away was green indicating sediments in the water that reflects green spectrum also. He came down and went to a house near the tower where others were also going.  It was guardhouse that time. Now, this has been developed as a museum and all the things used for lighting that time has been preserved here. Ambar talked to an old man in the museum. He was one involved in the construction of the house and now working as a volunteer. Amber listens to the whole story. His name was David. Elders become happy and excited if there is somebody to listen to them. Amber was aware of the facts. David dropped tears while saying the story.  Amber noticed that there is another person behind him listening to David. As he looked back he noticed that she was Fen listing from behind. His eyes stroked with her. Wave from both of them crashed and head reflected back. 

In the evening Amalia posted a most beautiful photograph with that triangular scene in an online site meant for artists and photographers. Coincidently Amber also posted the photo of his artwork.

Next day evening Amalia was looking at others post on the site. She became surprised to see the same artwork of Amber. However, there were some changes. The face was filled up now but it was not the face of Fen. In place, it was the face of herself. She looked her own eyes, nose, and mouth on the body of Fen. On the caption, it was written, "Cover the bright, unhide the hidden." So many questions evolved in her mind, radiated around, and searched for Ambar.

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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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