The Myster Family

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, a family was walking home from a movie they had just watched. On their way home, 2 people in black jumped out with guns and pointed them at the family. “Don’t move!”, one of the people in black said. It was a woman and a man. “Give us the girl.”, the man in black said. “No!” said the husband but the wife step forward. “Take care of the kids, Roger.” She said as she left with them. “Kelly!” Roger yelled out but she disappeared into the dark. Roger was left with his youngest son, Eric who was crying from fear. Roger and Eric went back home and after Roger put Eric to bed he told his oldest children, Sharon and Ping what happened. “We can’t stand around, Dad,” Ping said. “I have powers, we should go save her.” Roger shook his head. “Your mother told me to keep you guys safe. Ping looked at his dad disappointingly and stormed off. Sharon went up to Roger and put her hand on his shoulder. “Are you sure mom’s going to be ok?” Roger looked into Sharon’s eyes and hugged her. “Yeah, she’ll be ok,” Roger said through a shaking voice. About 10 years later, Sharon was 25, Ping was 19 and Eric was 15. Roger had also brought home a little boy a few years back from the wildlife and had adopted him and his name was Diago and he was 5 years old. Eric was in his room talking to his girlfriend Aurora who was a princess. “Yeah, I can’t wait to see you later tonight,” Eric said. “I love you too babe.” Then there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Eric said. Sharon came in with her arms crossed. “You going to see Aurora again tonight?” Sharon said with a concerned look. “Yeah,” Eric said with a smile but then his smile disappeared. “Why? Is there a problem with me seeing my girlfriend?” Sharon sighed. “I just really think you could do better than that princess. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Sharon walked out but stopped at the door. “By the way, Dad is bringing home a girl who was found on the beach and he wants all of us to go and help her feel welcomed and try to help her.” Sharon drove everyone to the beach where Roger was already there talking to a teenaged girl who was wearing a white dress and was covering up with a black jacket. “Oh good, you’re all here. This is Ariel. She says she doesn’t remember what happened or how she ended up on the beach but hopefully, something might come back to her but in the meantime I want you all to try and help her feel welcomed and safe.” Roger said. They all went back to the car and headed back to the house. As everyone was going inside, Roger held Eric back and waited for everyone to go inside. “Eric since I know you’re welcoming and she’s closer to your age, I was wondering if you could stay with Ariel at all times. She’ll also be sleeping in your room until we fix her room up.” Roger said. Eric nodded with a smile and went inside where he found Ariel looking at a yellow dress. “If you want you could wear that dress,” Eric said. Ariel turned around and quickly looked down shyly but looked back at Eric and nodded with a smile. Eric handed Ariel the dress and she went into the bathroom to change. Eric got a text notification from Aurora. Eric was responding when Ariel came out and distracted Eric from his phone. Eric’s jaw dropped. “Well?” Ariel asked, giving a little spin. Eric blushed. “You look nice.” Eric said. “How about we get you some shoes and do your hair now.” Ariel nodded and sat on a chair while Eric got a pair of yellow heels. He put them on Ariel’s feet and put her hair up in a ponytail. “What do you think?” Eric asked as Ariel looked at herself in the mirror. Ariel looked shocked and then smiled. “It’s amazing. Thank you, Eric.” Ariel said as Eric bowed in politeness. At night in Eric’s room, there was a glass shatter sound that woke Eric and Ariel up. A big hole was in the window and a black figure had climbed into the room and they had a gun. The figure pointed the gun at Eric and Ariel who were holding their hands up while sitting up in bed. “Where’s Roger?” the figure asked. It was a woman’s voice. “He’s in the living room down the hall,” Eric said in a shaky voice. The woman quickly left and Eric quickly got out of bed and grabbed his sword from the closet. “Stay here.” He said firmly to Ariel who was crying with fear. In the living room, the woman was pointing the gun at Roger who had his hands raised. “This is what you deserve for all the pain and suffering I had to deal with for years.” The woman said as she was about to pull the trigger but Ping snuck up behind her and knocked her to the ground with his magic. Roger quickly grabbed the gun and pointed it at the woman. “Move and I’ll shoot.” Roger said firmly. Roger quickly gave the gun to Ping. “Who are you?” Ping asked. Roger unhooded the woman and there was complete silence. “No, it cant be.” Said, Roger.  “KELLY?!” Kelly looked up at Roger who was almost in tears. Ping was also in shock that he dropped the gun. Roger’s eyes started tearing up as he dropped to his knees and hugged Kelly who was also crying. Ping crossed his arms and looked away in disappointment as he tried to process what was happening. Sharon then came in with Diago who was asleep with his arms around Sharon’s neck. “Dad? What’s going on?” Sharon asked with a worried voice. She saw Kelly and her eye’s started filling with tears. “Mom? Is it you?” Kelly nodded with a slight laugh through tears. Kelly quickly ran to Sharon and hugged her. Diago then started waking up. “Sharon, what’s going on? Who is this hugging us?” Sharon laughed. “This is our mommy.” Diago quickly smiled and hugged Kelly. Kelly looked shocked for a moment but still hugged him back. Eric then came out and was about to hit Kelly with his sword but Ping quickly held him back with his magic. “ERIC! DON’T! IT’S OUR MOM!” Eric dropped the sword and stood there and started crying as Kelly did the same. Eric quickly ran to Kelly and hugged her. “I’ve missed you,” Eric said. “I did as well. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of you all.” After everyone went back to bed, Roger and Kelly were talking to each other in the living room. “Where were taken to that night?” Roger asked, looking over at Kelly. Kelly sighed. “Is it ok if we talked about this tomorrow?” Kelly asked with sad eyes. As much as Roger wanted to know now, he nodded and went upstairs to bed. Kelly layed silently on the couch. She slowly fell asleep but then started having a flashback of what happened the night she was kidnapped. In her flashback, she was walking with the figures in black to a dark and abanded area. One of the figures had a gun pointed at her back in case she tried to run away. They reached an old house and went inside. The figures took their hoods and masks off. It was a brown-haired man and a blonde woman. The blonde continued to point her gun at Kelly. The man stepped forward to Kelly and flirtily held her face. “You’re quite pretty when you looked scared.” The man said with an evil chuckle. The woman left while the man stayed. He started to unbutton her shirt while kissing her neck. Kelly tried to quickly run but the man pushed her to the ground and pinned her. “You’re not going to run from you’re master THAT easily.” He said with aggression and started to pull her pants down as he fumbled with his belt and then he raped her for about 20 minutes. After he put half his clothes back on leaving Kelly on the ground crying while still in her underwear he slowly bent down by her ear and whispered. “You’ll never leave and I’ll make sure of it.” Kelly suddenly woke up and was in the living room where she saw Ping in a corner. He had his arms crossed while looking at Kelly. “You were having a nightmare. Was it about what happened and why you don’t want to tell dad about what happened?” Ping asked. Kelly put a fake smile on. “It’s ok, you can go back to bed. Don’t worry about me.” Ping shook his head but left. Kelly sighed as she laid down looking at the ceiling. She slowly went back to sleep but what she didn’t know was that Ping was looking over the corner watching her. Ping then walked out to the backyard where he mostly hangs out with his friends and where he held meetings with other people who also have powers. He stood in the middle of the room then slightly turned his eyes to the left side of the room behind him. “I know you’re both here. Just come out.” Ping turned around and 2 teenagers slowly walked out of the dark corner. “What do you want Dude?” Ping asked the boy teenager. Dude was Ping’s best friend ever since they were little kid’s and Dude also has power’s and so does his little sister Evil Girl. “We saw Eric’s window was broken from the outside and thought you were going to need backup if it was “her” again.” Ping nodded. “Don’t worry it was just my mom,” Ping said. Dude and Evil girl’s mouths dropped. “I thought you’re mom was kidnapped year’s ago? How is she back?” Evil girl asked. Ping crossed his arms and looked at the ground. “That’s the problem. I don’t think she’s the same mom. She tried to kill my dad with a gun and she said he must pay for all the pain she went through. I think she’s either someone PRETENDING to be my mom or she was brainwashed but I don’t have exact evidence of this theory.” “So you want us to keep an eye on her?” Dude asked. Ping looked up and nodded. Dude and Evil girl looked at each other exchanging the same thought then nodded at each other. Dude then leaped out the open window and Evil girl teleported out and Ping was left alone. Ping started meditating with his magic as he started practicing new stuff with his powers. From the kitchen window, Kelly was watching what happened and then quickly grabbed her phone and dialed a number. The next morning, Kelly went into the kitchen after hearing some pots and the sound of laughter. Eric was talking to Ariel at the table, Ping was making breakfast and Sharon was playing with Diego on the floor. “Where’s you’re guy’s father?” Kelly asked, walking into the kitchen. “He left for work like he always does,” Ping said, fixing a plate of food. “Oh, ok. Sharon, can I speak to you in the living room for a minute? Alone?” Kelly asked looking over at Sharon who was giving Diego a teddy bear. “Of course. Just give me a sec.” Sharon said. Sharon walked into the living room where Kelly was waiting for her. “So what’s up Mom?”  Sharon asked. “About the little boy, where did he come from?” Kelly asked. Sharon looked back to the kitchen where Diego was eating some pancakes. “Did you’re father remarry or something?” Kelly asked. Sharon quickly turned to face Kelly with a shocked expression. “OF COURSE NOT!” Sharon said. “Dad went on a business trip 4 years ago to the jungle and got lost but he found a trail and was getting ready to be attacked by a group of wild animals until he saw Diego. He was covered in mud, his clothes were ripped and his hair was a mess. Dad approached them slowly and picked Diego up to show he wasn’t going to hurt them and Dad took Diego back to the city with him after he found his way back to his camp. He took him to the police station to see if they could find any record of missing children but Diego had no record and the police think either his parents died or they just left him there. Dad then took Diego back home and got him cleaned and cut his hair and after a year and a half Dad was legally able to adopt him and we all taught Diego how to talk and we all took care of him so that he would feel safe and loved. We still sometimes take him back to the jungle to see all his animal family because we knew how much they meant to him but Dad didn’t remarry. He loved you too much to even THINK about trying to get a new wife. He knew you were still out there somewhere and knew you would return to us.” Kelly nodded and hugged Sharon. “I know he would never remarry and I’ll be sure to treat Diego as my own son,” Kelly said. Sharon smiled and put her hand on Kelly’s shoulder and went back to the kitchen. Kelly looked to make sure no one was watching her and then dialed a number. “Hey it’s me,” Kelly said. “Did you find anything about the boy?” A voice said on the phone. Kelly sighed. “Yes, I did. Now let me speak to Sarah. NOW.” Kelly said. Kelly hung the phone up angrily and quickly ran to the kitchen. “Everything ok mom?” Eric asked as everyone could see something was wrong. “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you,” Kelly said as she ran into Roger’s room. Sharon ran in after her where she saw Kelly in a black outfit and was loading the gun she had. “MOM! WHAT’S GOING ON?” Sharon yelled. “I wish I could tell you but you’re just not ready,” Kelly said putting her hood on. “Watch you’re brothers and Ariel,” Kelly said as she put her mask up and she jumped out of the open window. Kelly quickly ran through alleys and tried hiding her gun from people when in the streets. Kelly arrived at an abandoned house and quickly ran in, busting the door down. She ran down to the basement where she gets stopped in her tracks by the guy who kidnapped her pointing his gun at her and had another gun pointed at a little girl behind him. The blonde woman who also kidnapped Kelly was also holding a gun at the little girl. “Don’t move or we shoot her.” Said the man. Kelly pointed her gun at the man. “Would you actually do that? Shoot you’re own DAUGHTER?” Kelly asked. The man clicked his gun as a response. “Try me.” The man said. “Why are you doing this to her? Is it because of that boy you wanted me to get information about?” Kelly asked. “Yes, now give him to us and we’ll let the girl go.” The man said. “I don’t have him with me and even if I did, why do you want him so badly?” The man laughed. “You and you’re so-called husband don’t know a damn thing about Diego.” Kelly then clicked her gun. “How do you know his name? I never shared that information with you.” The woman then stepped forward. “Cause I was the one who named him.” Kelly’s face then when into a major shocked expression. “YOU’RE HIS…?” “Parent’s?” the man interrupted. “Of course we are.” Kelly looked at the woman then back at the man. “That can’t be true. He’s dark-skinned and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.” Kelly said. The man glared at Kelly with a smirk. “You say it as if it’s impossible but you’re eyes are blue and mine are turquoise and even though this little girl looks exactly like my beautiful girlfriend here, she’s not her mother. YOU ARE!” He said, pointing the gun directly at the little girl’s head. The little girl started to cry. “Mommy, I’m scared.” Kelly then began to tear up then she broke down in tears and lowered her gun to the ground. The man then smiled and clicked his gun that was pointed at Kelly. “Now say goodbye to her FOREVER!” He said. “STOP!” said a voice. It was Diego and he was pointing a gun at the man. “Diego, baby. Please. PUT. THE GUN. DOWN.” Kelly said walking towards Diego. “NO DIEGO, give the gun to me.” The man said reaching his hand out. Diego then started pointing the gun from Kelly to the man then back to Kelly. “Listen to you’re father Diego!” The man yelled. Kelly walked a little forward. “Diego, are you really going to listen to the people who ABANDED you? Or are you going to listen to the people who took you in and treated you like you were our family?” Kelly asked. Suddenly there was a big bang and the man was on the floor with a gunshot wound in his leg and Diego was pushed to the ground from the gun. Kelly grabbed the little girl’s hand then ran to Diego while the woman ran to the man on the ground. “Are you ok Diego?” Kelly asked as she put her hand on Diego’s shoulder. Diego nodded. “Can we just go home?” Diego asked looking sadly up at Kelly. Kelly nodded and took Diego and the little girl’s hand as they left the place. When they got back home, everyone was outside along with Roger who Ping had called after he realized Diego was missing. “Oh my god, Diego,” Roger said as he ran to Diego and hugged him. Roger saw that Diego was upset cause he would normally be talkative. “Are you ok Diego?” Roger asked. But Diego didn’t respond. Ping suddenly lashed out. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” He yelled at Kelly. “Ping!” Roger yelled. Ping then glared at Roger. “NO! Don’t you DARE say my name like that. Diego was missing after Kelly left and she was with him where there were guns. She could’ve gotten Diego hurt or worse KILLED!” Ping yelled. Roger then stood up and stared down at Ping. “You do NOT talk to you’re mother like that,” Roger said sternly. Ping looked over at Kelly who was in tears. “She isn’t my mother. She hasn’t been for the past 10 years.” Ping said with a part mumble. Ping then ran away from everyone. Ariel then followed Ping to the park where he sat on a bench. Ping sighed as he looked at the ground. “I’m sorry mom. I never meant those words.” Ping said to himself. “Are you ok, Ping?” Ariel asked. Ping looked up at Ariel who was smiling at him. Ping nodded but Ariel could see he was upset. “Mind if I sit with you?” Ariel asked. Ping held his hand out to the bench as a response and Ariel sat down next to him. “Why’d you choose this place? I thought you would maybe run off to a friend’s house.” Ariel said. Ping smirked. “That’s the first place my family would go to if that were to happen. But I came here because this was the place where my mom first showed me how to use my magic. I was about 5 when I started getting the hang of controlling my power’s but I still had lash out’s…… like I just had before but my mom showed me how to not involve my magic with my anger like that. But the day she brought me here and I was allowed to just let free. It was the happiest day of my life.” Ariel smiled and put her hand on Ping’s hand. He looked over at Ariel and smiled. Ping hugged Ariel and after they finished hugging, they returned home where everyone was now in the living room. “Mom, I’m so sorry I said those thing’s to you. I was out of line and upset and just worried about losing Diego.” Ping said. Kelly smiled and hugged Ping. “It’s ok. I understand the pain you were feeling. A mother always knows.” Kelly said. After they broke free from the hug, Kelly took Ping over to the little girl. “This is Sarah, she is your half-sister.” Ping smiled and kneeled down to Sarah’s height. At first, she was a little scared but then she hugged Ping who also hugged her back.


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Author: Angelina Adams
I'm a high school student who loves to write fictional stories.


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