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There is a video on YouTube by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, which was posted by the Los Angles Times. It is called "The Science Behind the Corona Virus. Everyone needs to listen to it carefully..

I have a basic understanding of Micro Biology, so this type of thing interests me. Lets talk about the molecular composition of the microbe itself. Basic, so everyone can understand it. The microbe  as we have seen so many times on television has 'spikes' which it uses to dock onto our cells then enters the cells and duplicates itself. Okay, the microbe has only RNA inside the molecule, no DNA, whereas humans have both. The important part is that the molecule is protected by a layer of greasy substance. Get rid of the grease and the molecule dies. Easy Peasy. Have you ever heard of Dawn Dish washing liquid? Yeah, they tell you to wash your hands with Soap for this very reason. But most soap has protective ingredients to insure your skin is still hydrated, in other words it allows for the oils in the sking to remain. But Dawn, on the other hand, which is quite hard on your hands after using it for a period of time, cuts through the grease...period. That's what it was designed to do. 

I am a cigarette smoker, and I smoke outside my home, never inside, and each time I go out to have a cigarette when i come back in the first thing I do is wash my hands to get rid of the smell. I have used Dawn for a prolonged period to cleanse my hands. Lots of lotion is needed after washing to restore the oils in the skin. But now, after hearing this video, I will go back to using Dawn. Not only to wash my hands, but I suppose I will use it on my face too. More importantly is to use it on surfaces. Countertops, the sink facuets, in the kitchen and bath, the on and off spigots, and also in the batroom, especially the flush handle on the toilet. I suppose I will use it to clean many surfaces, the hand rails on the staircase, anywhere and everywhere that everyone in the home touches on a regular basis. 

Just watch the video and figure out what you can do to keep your home and your family safe. Politicians are not scientists, politicians do not have the knowlege or the answers.

Stay safe out there.

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Author: Catherine Lindsey
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