Book Review Of Robin Sharma’s The Mastery Manual A Life Changing Guide For Personal And Professional Greatness

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Robin Sharma is an author of 15 bestselling books which were translated into 75 languages. He is the founder of sharma leadership International Inc. To receive a constant stream of inspiration, follow Robin Sharma on Facebook.

The Mastery Manual has about 36 Modules with stunning, yet simple and practical ideas, implementing of which will fetch you obvious & deserved success in your lives. Inspirational quotes, points to follow, questions to journal on, are the definite helpers in every module. The author at many stages firmly tries to make the readers realize the benefits of reading and writing.  In page 35, the 7thmodule of the book highlights learning with a 6 point programme and 11 rules for a deeply rewarding life. “”The power of your Association”” has an impact both in personal and professional lives, this module surely provides the ways for a positive growth through association.

The Steve jobs question, A salute to my Heroes, Monumental Moments, what makes an Elite performer are the modules that gushes with inspiration and enthusiasm. I quote from page 114 of the book on excellence versus perfection: “”Too many amongst us wait for perfection to occur, and in so doing, miss openings to get to our dreams. The years slip by unbelievably fast. Don’t blink you’ll be old. Do your juiciest goals now. Get started this very moment. Be excellent. Forget perfection. And don’t wait. Please.””


 In order to attain greatness in both personal and professional lives, certain discipline, plan of action, and a few set of rules need to be followed rigorously. In spite of doing so, many may not be a part of the success circle, the reasons vary with individuals so as the outcomes too. The modules like Life wisdom to enrich your path, Reinvent Yourself, Build your Awareness will come in handy for those in that circle.

Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda’s poem “”From Dies slowly”” is worth remembering:

Slowly dies who doesn’t turn the table upside down,

Who’s unhappy at work,

Who doesn’t risk the certainties for the unknown to pursue a


Who doesn’t allow himself to run away from wise suggestions,

At least once in a life time.

Slowly dies who doesn’t travel, who doesn’t read,

Who never listens to music, who doesn’t find grace in himself,

Slowly dies who destroys his self-esteem,

Who spends every day to complain about either his bad luck or

The never –ending rain.

Let’s avoid death in small doses, keeping in mind that being

Alive always requests a much bigger effort than the simple

 Fact of breathing.

The author is successful in presenting the gist of the book in one module itself with an apt title THE 5 GOLDEN DISCIPLINES OF LIFE MASTERY, which will bestow accurate mastery. It also carries along with it the 6 ways to deepen your human connection for a high-quality, trust based relationships. The author insists in having a travel plan to renew ourselves. He also sternly believes that travel aids in learning. So, pack your bags & set sailing.  


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The book MASTERY MANUAL by Robin sharma is a guide to attain personal and professional greatness.

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